the shuffle. [8/5/06]

What a Saturday. I spent most of the early afternoon rocking to the Wu-Tang Forever album, which is slept on to this day. Can't hate on that shit, it was an event in my circle when that dropped. Classic, pull it out.

I went to my hometown (Trenton, NJ) to grab a bus pass and some other odds and ends. Saw an almost-fight between two mothers in Rite-Aid. Went to a hood clothing store, where they had ill L-R-G shirts, and also saw some "Everyday I'm Hustlin'" tees with Fred Flinstone & Barney Rubble rocking rings and iced out chains, but still wearing that fucking weird rag type wear on their person.

I also peeped that movie Saw earlier tonight, which I am still on the fence with. The ending was ill, with the dude lying in the pool of blood, but I'm tired of these movies that have everyone being connected on some convoluted bullshit. It only works in LOST because that whole island is nuts; movies like Crash, where the dude who felt up your wife is now the dude saving your wife's life? That shit is so over. And why the fuck did Danny Glover have to be in this? It must have been cred... he had no real point to prove in this flick. Wasted role, coulda gave that shit to me.

Oh and VH1 Soul has had an hour block of A Tribe Called Quest videos on all weekend. Fucking loved seeing "Hot Sex On A Platter" and the video of "Oh My God" tonight. Forgot how much that shit affected me as a young'in. As I told wifey, one of my best friends in elementary school was a kid who knew all the words to "Bonita Applebum" when it came out; how could I NOT be down with this kid?

Anyways, let's get it.

01/The LAPD has set up a task force to check out the specifics behind Biggie's murder. Doesn't sound like they want to help though; reading comments like "evidence discovered by the task force could help the city in its argument against the family's claims" makes me feel like this group is out to hurt, not help, BIG's family. Word to Voletta Wallace, I hope they find the shit they been hiding...

02/As if anyone really gave a fuck, Star, the radio jock who talked some raw about Envy's wife and seed, said he might not return to Hip-Hop radio. Apparently, this 42 year old jig wants to go to an alternative or rock station. Good luck, I doubt you'll do well. I know what it is though: he wants to be the black Howard Stern. It won't work with Hip-Hop, because niggas will come at you for what you say, whether they really rock like that or just have to do that to maintain their rep. Think on that...

03/Win a Grammy, get signed to Warner Brothers. Doesn't seem like a good look these days, Rap-wise, but Three 6 Mafia did it. The worst thing about this is, that crackhead ass Lil' Wyte fucker is going to be on a major. What kind of world is this? I guess everyone needs a white MC once they get corporate money. We'll see how far HMP goes...

04/Boy George is cleanin' up the hood. Well, his community service is to work with the sanitation department to clean up the NYC streets starting August 17th. Go throw some powder on his coke-head ass. He'll be somewhere in NY dirty C for 5 days. I wonder if anyone will be tracking dude?

05/This week has been shitty for ya girl Lindsay Lohan. My first thing is, this chick is 19 years old and her mom's is still out there speaking for her late-night ass? Word is that she has been missing work due to her party-hearty nights. The fucking CEO of the movie's production company was basically like "stop frontin'. You wanna party all night then claim some 'exhaustion' shit the next day. Grow up." I can understand why her moms bugged out, but Lindsay is an adult. She looks so silly and childish not handling this herself... then I heard she was on time the next couple of days. ROFL! Also, apparently the UK is not feeling Lindsay's new single. Who knew she had a new single out? I'm guessing she went there on some "my first CD didn't do shit in the US, lemme pop off in Europe" shit, but it blew up in her face, mainly b/c she wasn't doing any promo for it. How are you so unprofessional, yet she still gets mad loot for doing those movies? Must be the chest...

06/Neph from Brokeback Mountain (that title still makes me chuckle) is set to play the Joker in the next Batman movie, which is still being done by Christopher Nolan (holla!). People are tripping, and I actually saw someone ask why Jack Nicholson isn't being Joker? I won't even go into how fucking ridiculous that statement is, but yeah, we'll see how hot this next one is. Shit ain't set to come out until Summer 2008, though, so don't get too excited.

07/Lil' Kim is off house arrest, since the 3rd of August, apparently. BET has already signed on for another season of that "Countdown to Lockdown" reality dip they made. Name change, anyone? Oh well, it'll be good to see her assistants and cousins wyle out on each other for another season! BET does put out some insane reality shows. Anyone seen this week's Keyshia Cole shit? Her family was apparently arguing... over groceries. Thing is, these drunk chicks didn't even buy anything! Quality TV, no doubt.

08/50 Cent called it in the latest issue of XXL: The Game is officially signed to Geffen. He's still Interscope, but no longer on G-Unit or Aftermath. Curtis really stuck it to him. It's a bitch move to me: why wouldn't Dre stand up and keep Game just on Aftermath? I think the reason that didn't happen is because Game wanted to get his Black Wall Street shit moving, and Dre might not have wanted to handle another subsidiary label. 50 also barked that Dre has no work on Game's sophmore LP, but we'll see. I know one thing: Game is going to have to re-write a shitload of his tracks. The leaked "It's Okay (One Blood)", which I love, has Game calling himself the heir to the Aftermath throne... not anymore, butterfly boy. In other news from the good Doctor, he has a lawsuit out over some "Beats By Dre" headphones. Shit sounds kind of sketchy, but the company making the 'phones are being sheist. I guess Dre and big Iovine are ready to beat these nigs out of a mil... must be nice.

09/Newsflash: Michael Jackson don't pay nobody. This week, his lawyers quit his current case over unpaid bills. Ironic thing is, Mike is on trial for not paying niggas. Did they think this leopard changed his spots? And they let his debt rise to $48 mil? How come they didn't knock on his door at the $1 mil mark?

10/T.I. is doing a movie with Denzel and Russell Crowe. Was ATL that good? When do I get to make Hollywood money for skating?

11/Vanity Fair has lost his mind: Kanye West was included in their Top 10 Best Dressed List. Really? This dude? Are they asleep? I just don't get it. T.I. plays that role better than Kanye does. Hell, so do I...

12/Word to eskay, I told him: Luda is looking like Stephen A. Smith with that haircut.

13/Hip-Hop album info: Mos Def is getting his new album, True Magic, ready for a September release. Maybe he will keep it more Rap than Rock? Please? Can we get a proper version of "Beef"? MF Doom also let it be known that his highly anticipated collabo LP with Ghostface Killah, Swift + Changeable, won't drop until Feb. 2007. WTF?! Why so long? Oh well...

14/AOL is spending money to make money, and it might be dope for the millions of AOL and AIM users out there: e-mail, as well as some other features, will be free come September. The one thing I like is the addition of 5GB of space being given for free to anyone with an AOL or AIM account. Gotta love it! Get your AIM accounts now! We'll see what *if any* restrictions there will be, but places like Megaupload or YouSendIt might be out of here!

15/Live Free or Die Hard, aka Die Hard 4, is on the slab. No one wants to see Rambo 4, but this might be interesting. I like Bruce Willis, even though all of his best parts seem to be a recreation of John McClain, but so be it. Let him do his thing.

16/Janet Jackson has a new video with Nelly out, called "Call On Me". The track is not that bad -- not something I feel should be the lead single, but it's not bad. That video though? What kind of nonsense is this? Janet has a nice booty shot, but the outfits and computer graphics are fucking dumb. This track, to me, sounds like something that would have been better suited in a nice park, with some puppy love shit at a cookout. Not this futuristic, Japanese bullshit. My wife also pointed out Nelly's back-ne, which looks like, in her words, this nigga got some buckshot in his back. Bad move. But niggas is loving this! It's gotta be the ass shot.

17/Cockroach-ass Jermaine Dupri is going to play "DJ" at this year's AmsterJam, an all day event where diverse music groups perform together. He made true comments about "mash-up" culture being just blends, but come on. When I read that this nigga said the mixture of LL Cool J and Tego Calderon (essentially Hip-Hop and reggaton) is going to "be hard", I fell out. Try Tom Petty and Tego. Let's be serious, nig. When Snoop is on Daddy Yankee's latest single, you gotta know that MCs can do it over reggaeton beats. Be serious, nigga.

18/Rumor mill is going nuts over Jennifer Lopez dropping out of the Dallas movie. Me, I'm glad. Sort of. Fuck a Dallas, J.Lo. This is khal talking to you for a sec. Do another movie. Start a production company. Make one of those romantic comedies my wife loves you doing. Don't go that BS route. And show your butt more. You have it, let it be known. Don't be one of those bullimic Hollywood skeezers. Show your shit, ma. That's all.

19/You ever hit up Wikipedia? You know, the free, online encyclopedia that anyone can edit? Well, the owners want quality, not quantity. Who really believes EVERYTHING on Wikipedia anyways? Bol spoke on a funny piece that Stephen Colbert had about editing Wikipedia entires... peep game. So really, don't wiki drunk. Or don't wiki without knowledge. Word.

20/The Sony PS3 is already in production, says Sony anyways. Can they just make this monster cheaper? I got a baby on the way who is going to want one in the near future -- do I need to sell my kidney for this bitch?

OK so really, that's all I got for this week. The rest of the news was either in the Middle East or about people dying from the heatwave. We're all here, living and loving. Oh and big up to Rafi and the Oh Word crew for a great "Crack Week". Get all the crack-related posts here. Gotta love it.

Be good, and we'll meet, same time, same station... one.

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