Friday, Sept. 1st 2006 playlist

Weird week for music. I listened to a lot of shit I am too lazy to review... new Kelis, new Roots, new Method Man... I just wasn't into it. Waiting for my unborn to drop. In any case, there's still loads of music out there... check it out:

Drum & Bass:

01/Skitty "Fools Gold" [vandal]
02/Soundclash "All Night Long" [outta london]
03/YT "England Story (DJ Phantasy & Shodan Full Vocal Mix)" [easy]
04/CLS & Wax "Things To Do" [cymbalism liquified]
05/Noisia ft. Phace "Unveil" [virus]
06/Zero Tolerance & Beta2 "Round Table" [advanced]
07/Total Science Ft. MC Conrad "Soul Patrol (Original 12" Mix)" [cia]
08/Mutt "Blue (Logistics Remix)" [crisis]
09/Logistics ft. The Ananda Project "Cascades of Colour" [hospital]
10/Pr0gress "Desert World" [dubplate]


01/Kelis "Circus" [taken from her Kelis Was Here album. explores the masks we have to wear in life. i like hearing her rap like this...the flow is different but dope.]
02/Fam-Lay "Da Beeper Record" [gotta love those star track niggas. very rich bass.]
03/Defari Ft. Evidence "Make My Own" [i don't even listen to these niggas' raps. Alchemist on the beat once again. beautiful...]
04/50 Cent "The Bomb" [good to hear him go at Diddy. fuck that nigga.]
05/Casper "Rubber Chicken" [taken from the Tempa All Stars vol. 3 EP... gotta love Kids samples...]


*DJ Jeryl, the Ed. In Chief of the Content Section over at DOA, brings us the 2nd Edition of his "Chavsound Gold" series... ROUGH, dancefloor DnB at it's finest. Butter smooth blends as well. Peep game.

*John Rolodex, the Canadian badman who gave us some insane Amen tracks, brings us a new FTS Mix entitled "Tough As Nails". Chock full of dubs and attitude, it is not one to be missed...

SPECIAL -- DJ Q-Bert's "Breaktionary". Original breaks from an original don.

MUSIC VIDEO OF THE WEEK... shouts out to Mos Def, who held it down outside of the VMA's (more on that tomorrow...)

enjoy your Labor Day weekend!

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