Friday, Sept. 29th 2006 playlist

This week has been all work, no sleep. No real DnB rocking, but a good size amount of Hip-Hop. I do have a mix you all NEED to check out, and some pretty dope links for you as well... peep game.


01/9th Wonder ft. Mos Def, Jean Grae, Memphis Bleek & DJ Premier "Crooklyn Dodgers 3" [never mind the fact that both Preem and 9th are not even FROM NY, but this shit is John Blaze. forthcoming on 9th's solo album, Mos kills his verse. Jean holds her own.. and Memph is Memph. Best 9th Wonder beat by a mile.]
02/Diddy ft. Nas & Cee-Lo "Everything I Love" [from Diddy's Press Play album, this one is dope. Kanye on the beat, Nas writing the whole fucking thing (come on, Diddy... hearing you talk about "spittin' ether" is just not even sensical... Cee-Lo's wailing on the chorus is not really necessary, but it could be a lot worse.]
03/Hi-Tek ft. Nas "Music For Life" [now THIS is the NAS I like to hear. very introspective over Hi's groovy beat. that Hi-Tek LP is going to be dope as hell.]
04/Shawn J Period "Places Everyone" [no idea where this one is coming out. dope instrumental Hip-Hop -- don't sleep!]
05/Ludacris ft. Field Mob "Ultimate Satisfaction" [ig'nant rap at it's best! loads of bass and bragadaccio; infectious, really. dunno how I feel about those Field Mob niggas, but whatever.]
06/40 Glocc ft. Ras Kass & The Alchemist "Flashlight" [from ALC's No Days Off mixtape, this is a fucking jam! Nice reworking of the classic P-Funk sound, and some TOUGH rhymes. Pick of the week. Also check out Prodigy's solo track on that mixtape, "Legends".]
07/Craggz & Parallel Forces "Keep Me Real (Live)" [their debut album is forthcoming on Valve... I heard the CD version, which is a 2xCD affair, with the 2nd disc highlighting their CPF LIVE BAND! Jungle Drummer and some other London Elektricity alum join the fray for that project. RUNNIN']


* DJ XO hit the world up with his "Four Four Play" 60 minute DnB mix. Peep the tracklisting HERE, and let XO know what you think! NOTE: he also made mention of a label he starting up called "XPOSURE"?? More on that in the future, I hope...

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