the shuffle. [9/9/06]

He's not here yet. He should be, but with the scare, he is still in the hospital. We've been on pins and needles ("needles and pins"), stressing over lil' man. I miss him. I wish he was home, so we could be complete. Soon come, I know... but still...

Aside from the birth of my son, there really isn't much else going on in my life... surprised? Well, there is... I am going to be doing some writing for DNBNation... more on that in the weeks to come. I also have some ish going on with the Horizons Music Group... watch out for the Ninth Wonder LP, coming soon. Serious sounds on that one! There are a few interviews on the horizon (no pun intended), more info on those when the time comes. I have a few other things I should have already had done, but you know how that goes...again, soon come.

Without further ado, let's get into this shuffle shit...

01/Well, well, well... stealing money from your dead siblings really does get you jail time! Ron Isley, who seems to be now referred to as "Mr. Biggs" like this nigga didn't have a career before "Down Low", has been sentenced to 3 years for tax evasion... don't clap; nigga was up for 26 YEARS! He must have paid for those high power lawyers. This dude is old, he should've known by now, Uncle Sam is going to get your rich ass, one way or another. Especially when you dress up like the old man from the club. He can spot your punk ass ponytail 50 yards away.

02/What a week for dizzy Paris Hilton! Not only was her debut album given the remix treatment by Danger Mouse and Banksy, but she was also hit with a DUI charge. To be fair, she did drink a margarita on an empty stomach, but doesn't she have drivers? She just needs to stay away from the wheel of a whip. And a microphone, for that matter...

03/Remember last week when I spoke on Mos Def getting arrested outside of the VMAs? Here's the video of his shit getting shut down... his spokeswoman (nigga has a spokeschick?) said he was trying to shut it down but the cops overreacted. And Mos attended the awards... why dog?! You chose that venue for obvious reasons (no one was giving a fuck about the Katrina anniversary), so why even go in the building?

04/RIP to Steve Irwin. My man got stabbed in the heart by a stingray... which, yes, is kind of insane, b/c who the fuck is that close to a stingray, but that was his job. Damn shame, apparently mad kids around the world were touched by his show, to the point where memorials cracked off all over. Damn shame.

05/To start off this week's edition of Hip-Hop news, I must first say that 50 Cent is good at getting his name in the news. Earlier in the week, we found out that his beef with Diddy was squashed. Mind you, thier beef was purely over Ma$e's contract, so it seems more like a business dispute than a true "beef", but whatever. Diddy will be selling more copies of his lp, or he at least got a load of hits on his MySpace page. *Yawn*, right? Then, word came that 50 got arrested for unsafe lane change, expired permit, unregged vehicle and lack of insurance while driving his Lambo. Of course, the charges ended up getting dropped when proof got provided... nice to be a rich prick, eh? XXL reported that Aftermath has a new sigining: Joell Ortiz. My man has a good following on the underground, so we'll see how hot his LP is when it drops in 2029. Oddly enough, he has a "mixtape album" set to drop on Koch called "The Brick"... LOL. Ya boy The Game speaks on his new LP... if what he says is true, he didn't lose a step in terms of cameos and collabs. Most of the usuals uspects from The Documentary are still in the spot, and we also get to hear Nas and Snoop drop verses with Game. In interesting news, Method Man and The Roots' new albums (both on Def Jam), made it into the top 10... the bottom of the top 10. I'm surprised, because, compared to their catalogues, these might be some of the weakest product by both of them. They will complain about "promotion", but there's a fucking jail commercial that uses Black Thought and "Don't Feel Right" on VH1 Soul every 10 minutes. And Meth has shown up on every show on MTV, from "Yo Momma" to "Wild'n Out". And the surprising thing is, T.I.'s man Young Dro sold 104K units and landed the #3 spot. Off of fucking "Shoulder Lean". Meth shoulda went with them Dirty South producers, and not Erick Sermon. Or let Raekwon murk every track on there. He is the best thing on that LP. On one final Hip-Hop note, it looks like there is going to be a B-Boy game coming out for the PlayStation called, well, B-Boy. They are getting guys like Crazy Legs to help with the development, though, so hopefully it comes out like Getting Up, and not some bullshit.

06/James Frey, the author who admitted to falsifying some of his "nonfiction", can't catch a break. Word came this week that, if you purchased the book before Jan. 26th (the date that they came out and said "yo, he lied"), you can get a refund. Check what you gotta do:

In the case of those who bought the US hardback edition for $23.95, readers must return both the receipt and page 163 of the book. Paperback readers must send in the front cover of the book to earn their $14.95 refund, while buyers of the audio book, which cost $34.95, must send in some of the packaging.

Does that sound like some rebate rules to anyone else? I guess you can't blame them.

07/Nigga who plays Eko on LOST is the latest actor to get arrested behind the wheel from that cast. I wonder what it is over there... is the Hawaii police trying to fill quotas, or do the cast members just not know how to be out on the road? I also wonder if this show has had the most amount of arrests from a cast. They need that category in the Emmys!

08/Microsoft is thinking of some dumb shit. It is thinking "cool" instead of "functional and practical" in creating the Zune. It sounds like they are shook, to me, calling Apple "daunting" when speaking on the competition for the mp3 player market. Practical price, very easy to use, that's what Apple did. They could do anything market wise, but the fact that their simple promotion is standing by a simple (yet effective) product, that's the key. I predict Microsoft fucks this one up ROYALLY with the Zune.

09/Why do the news stations bug out when Lindsay Lohan loses her purse? My wife is in labor, and GMA is showing pic after pic of Lindsay balling over her purse and the jewels in it (worth $1mill)... I can understand, but why put it up on the news like it's important!? In any case, what was lost is now found, by a 20 year old good Samaritan. Shoulda sold the contents on some "you ain't getting this back"shit.

You know what? That's it for shuffle shit. I will leave you with this.... some Chappelle shit.


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