Friday, October 13th 2006 playlist

Friday the 13th... get prepared. Some spooky shit is going down around these parts, and I don't know what. Been feeling weird lately, but it might just be the lack of sleep. Stressing over my son is never fun, but hey, what can a nigga do? He's only a Grade 1, so it's not a lot that I can worry about, but the cat is still going to be done -- at some point. In any case, here's an abbreviated list of shit I've been pumping this week... ps: follow this link and grab a special FREE 320kbps mp3 from DnB prodcuer Glitch. If you know the dsci4 sound, you know what's in store...


01/Herbie Hancock "Sly" [from the classic Headhunters album. the breakdown(s) in this are so dope, as is this article.]
02/Seba "Don't Wanna Lose You" [the man cannot do any wrong. this 12" is just fire from end to end.]
03/Easy Dub All Stars ft. Citizen Cope "Karma Police" [gotta love reggae versions of Radiohead tracks...]
04/Jay-Z "Kingdom Come" [all I have heard was the radio rip, but this is MUCH better than "Show Me What You Got". Just flipped the "Super Freak" track, but so what.]
05/Autechre "Dael" [finally grabbed a copy of their Tri Repetae++ 2xCD, which I lost a while ago. stunning IDM from like 11 years ago, sounds fucking FRESH!]
06/Klute "Most People Are Dicks" [surprisingly heavy 12" from the silent master on Friction's label.]
07/Nu:Tone "Missing Link" [you gotta love it when the Hospital producers get dark and grimey.]
08/dead prez "Hip-Hop" [50 Cent recently jacked this beat, and for good reason. The dp spit politricks on the industry... I smell a new Dub Session coming on...]
09/AZ "Game of Life" [can't wait for his LP, can you?]
10/Max Romeo & The Upsetters "Smile Out A Style" [classic reggae sounds.]


* I already spoke on Sabre's October Studio Mix, but it's worth a 2nd look. Grab it and RINSE IT!

* DJ Vapour threw up an awesomely crunk October Mix (Part 1), showcasing a special love for bass and dancefloor destruction. Grab this mix and get your crunk juice on.

Final Thought:

I've been begging my Flawless Hustle niggas to hook this one up, but their Video Fridays are themed and diggidy Das EFX missed the cut. So, peep game and take it back to like 1992:

Enjoy your Friday the 13th.


hav said...

Das made the cut last week!


peace bro

khal said...

word? damn i'm slippin'