Friday, October 27th 2006 playlist

For the time being, my mp3 player is stuck on stupid, so I am taking it back to the portable tape player. Holla at me. No big words, just big beats. Check me...


01/AZ ft. M.O.P. "Sit 'Em Back Slow" [who produced this? I wanna say the First Fam crew, but who knows. This one is grimey, Big up the underground, can't wait for that AZ album!]
02/Trick Daddy "I Pop" [Trick is the shit when it comes to vulgar nonsense... the beat is so simplistic, but so infectious. Pump it up!]
03/Dillinja "Gangbang (remix)" [been waiting for this one for the last couple of years... nothing less but stunning. Screw the Dilly haters, too.]
04/Deadly Habit "Blue Collar Depression" [you gotta love when someone hates a genre like dubstep so hard, then comes out and gets bit by the bug, and churns out a truly ill piece of bass terror. Big up D Habs.]
05/Jay-Z "Lost Ones" [Jigga on that reflective shit. Nice piano bop, good to hear him break down shit so smoothly.]
06/Wise Intelligent "Mr. Rocket Launcher" [Oh No produced this banger from one of Trenton's finest. Gotta love truth on the mic and fire on the beat. So easy.]
07/Mark One "Think Tank" [the producer behind the Virus Syndicate crew, Mark One drops a fucking space-out dubstep epic from last year. Gotta love digging into a pretty new genre.]
08/The Game "Sound Scan" [he cracks me up. Why he felt the need to read off the whole list, instead of just dissing on how much Lloyd Banks sucks, who knows... but whatever, loving it.]
09/Brookes Brothers "Rainman" [peep the Q&A, and then dload a taste of the future of DnB. Runnin'.]
10/Twisted Individual "Vegetarian Meat Mash" [DnB's TI knows how to take that basic sound and make it eek out soul and flavor. Lovin' the strings in the background as well.]

I gave you my mixes yesterday, among other things, and I have to skate like NOW, so I'll end this here. One love.

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