Friday, October 6th 2006 playlist

What a weird week, musically. I really haven't been rocking to a lot of NEW music. I heard the new albums from Ed Rush & Optical, as well as the new Gridlok lp, and while the former is kind of bleech, the latter is DnB crack. Jay-Z has a new single out, "Show Me What You Got", produced by Just Blaze, which I'm on the fence over. The intro sample gave me goosebumps, but I was expecting it to flip the classic Public Enemy interlude, but to no avail. You decide... some seem to already be hating it (peep Jay and Just's thoughts on this track as well). I did listen to a lot of Paul Mooney this week, well I listened to his Analyzing White America DVD audio a bunch of times. Funny shit.

Drum & Bass/Jungle:

01/Bachelors of Science "Sweat" [horizons music dubplate]
02/Pish Posh "Fosforus" [rawkuts]
03/Aspect "Soul Lady" [blu saphir]
04/CLS & Wax "Black & White" [med school]
05/Universal Project "Nu Born" [up]
06/Gridlok "Bottomfeeder" [project 51]
07/Perpetuum "Kingdom" [metalheadz/rufige(?) dubplate]
08/Soundclash "Crying Out" [dirty dubs]
09/Seba & Lenk "Captain Freak" [secret opertations]
10/DJ Vapour "Flys On Shit" [intasound]


01/Dr. Dre & Knoc-turnal "Bad Intentions" [I found myself watching The Wash, one of the worst movies I have ever seen. This track made up for it, even though the lyrics are pure ig'nance!]
02/Frank'N'Dank "What Up" [track of the week. peep that 12", on the real.]
03/INI "Fakin' Jax" [classic Pete Rock shit. peep my new mixtape to hear it if you are unfamiliar.]
04/Ludacris "Tell It Like It Is" [Luda breaks it down for the new jacks and haters. Solid track from the former all time funny man.]
05/Mos Def "Undeniable" [new Mos. Rizoh called him the "Dangerous" Mos, not the MC who (barely) showed up for this last LP. Gotta love his fire. His video for "Body Rock" was on the other day; loved that track.]
06/AZ ft. Little Brother "Rise & Fall" [kind of somber, but this is a dope one. loving that piano and the snaps.]


* Here's a live radio mix from State of Mind. Loads of exclusives and just plain hot DnB mixed in there, from the Chameleon LP on Virus to new shit from SKC, Concord Dawn, Bulletproof and many more. Big up to NZ.

Final Thought:

Had a really deep appreciation for Cypress Hill back in the day. This was on a remix EP of theirs, featuring the Def Squad and MC Eiht. I leave you with... "Throw Your Hands In The Air":


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