the shuffle. [10/28/06]

One of these Saturdays, I will return to my regularly scheduled shuffle. From getting fired to spending the weekend in the hospital due to my son's RSV and Pneumonia bitch slap, my blog writing time is nil. I did find a temp job at this spot that, if pimped well, I can work into a long-lasting thing. Holla.

Anyways, let's get some of these links unloaded, so I can get to sleep tonight:

* You gotta love how Steve Irwin's manager gets pissed about a line in a Ras Kass diss to The Game, making Ras write an editorial about it, but this gets no shine compared to Rush Limbaugh marking on Michael J. Fox's disease. What a disgusting fatbody. Big up to Mike Fox.

* C-Murder is not allowed to promote his upcoming album; Jermaine Dupri gets out of Virgin while Janet's sales flop (who DIDN'T see that one coming?); Jay Hov said he ain't leaving Def Jam for doink; why does Alchemist carry a gun?; the man who shot Proof gets a $2G fine; and what the fuck were those Chicken Noodle niggers doing witnessing a shooting?

Aiight; I'm out like Shout, niggas. Be easy.

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