the shuffle. [10/7/06]

Forgive me world, I am kind of out of it. Had a nice lil' get together @ my mom's, got to see the fam. Had a great time even though there was a fucking french tip nail in the icing f my slice of cake. Fucking Risoldi's bitches.

Did you grab my new mixtape? It's full of blunted vibes and my mixed heaven. Check it out if you like your mixes a bit subdued and such. New one coming in the next few weeks...

We'll see how much I get done tonight; too many distractions, too much sleepiness... walk with me.

01/What in the fuck made MTV think that a Save The Last Dance 2 flick would be necessary, no matter how fly/slutty Izabella Miko is. Ne-Yo apparently owns a club in this flick, and felt the need to give an interview on how difficult it was to play a club owner. I mean really, that acting money is beautiful, you can have most niggas be WHOMEVER when the red record light comes on. Stop frontin' like your non-dancing ass has had to dig deep and get into this complex role...

02/You liked that Google Video link, right? Well, that's like the first time I searched and found what I need on Google Video. The odd thing is, word came out that Google is trying to cop YouTube. It would help Google Video, because it sucks. YouTube just went into some deals with other companies for advertising space, so it might be odd to then jump into a Google merger, but hey, if the money is right, do the damn thing.

03/On the "tech" side of things, some interesting developments have gone down: I keep speaking on the Zune, and here's another interesting article on why the Zune is going to murk the iPod. Only time will tell, but they are talking a good game so far. On the flipside, McAfee has blasted Microsoft about their lack of attention to security holes in Windows Vista, which is a crying shame. The deck is stacked against Microsoft, and I don't think I plan on getting their latest update. Finally, it looks like Firefox needs to get it's shit together. Two hackers have come forward saying that the browser is flawed and damn near impossible to fix. Get on it, your browser is dope so far.

04/You gotta love how the rappers are trying to murk themselves. Cassidy got critically injured when his SUV got smacked by a fucking U-Haul truck. Fucking fractured skull? If this nigga gets out of this alive, I smell a 2x platinum record! In other crack rap news, Jadakiss figured it would be OK for him to walk around Yonkers strapped -- until he got arrested. NO WONDER D-BLOCK IS STILL ON THE SHELF. Fucking boss can't even keep his sheet clean. Being a dope rapper, you already have weed carriers... shouldn't there also be gat carriers? I just don't get it... niggas will speak that "don" talk in their verses, but end up getting knocked and beat on some dumb shit.

05/On the interview tip, there's a few interesting ones knockin' about... G-Unit's DJ Whoo Kid gave AllHipHop an in-depth interview, where he lays down how he built his international DJ community, as well as how he used to pay niggas for exclusive tracks! And not any old nigga, but writers and journalists and shit. They wanna beat up on the kids sitting on the P2P networks, but won't take down the jig who is in the public eye and admitting to the shit! On the lighter side, Peanut Butter Wolf broke bread with xxlmag.com to speak on Stones Throw, the passing of J Dilla and other interesting points. Gotta love PBW; check out Chrome Children, as well as Peanut Butter Wolf's "Chrome Mix" (download : stream). Finally, the one like El-P took time out from his blog to speak to Pitchfork about his upcoming album. The most interesting bit about this is his commenting on a new Cannibal Ox album in the works, but I hope his LP is shit-hot.

06/I guess George Michael was just doomed to repeat history... earlier this year, he was busted for drug possession while being found "slumped over his steering wheel" in his car. The same thing happened this past week. What kind of world is this? You know if this was someone else, this bitch would have been locked under the jail; good George can be free to drive around high on cheeba and dreamin' of bath houses. Silly shit.

07/With all of the beef in Hip-Hop these days, it's shocking to find out that the true fighters are blonde bimbos like Paris Hilton and that Shanna chick who was with Travis from blink-182. Shanna apparently smacked the shit out of Paris at some club, mainly b/c Paris has been seen with Travis in the last couple of weeks. Big woop, Shanna; let your ex get some of that night vision pussy. The story gets a bit crazy, with people saying that one of Paris' exes bent this chick's wrist and threw her down some stairs or some shit. I mean, I don't know who or what to belive, or why I care, but I just wish I could see people like 50 Cent come out and do something like this instead of being a bitch and talking about it on wax. Go smack a bitch in the club, then call me.

08/There are some things that have merit, and some thing that fall to the wayside. John Mark Karr's porn charges were dropped on some bullshit, and this 12 year old is considered a sex offender in NJ. Here's the kicker -- he gave someone an enema. Apparently, years ago, he was playing doctor and used a douche to give his brother and then himself an enema. Kids being kids? Who knows, I mean I wouldn't do shit like that, but some kids play differently. It has been said that the boy was not acting in a sexual matter, but the Supreme Court says that that does not matter. I mean, really, if I were to use an enema on myself, would I be considered a sex offender? You know, asses, wet, gay men, child molestation. That has to be the chain of events the Court was looking at, no? If not, then what? Does his brother think he is going to start beating him off or something? I'm at a loss... especially when this fucker is not getting charged yet. How Mark Foley, who has reportedly fucked one of those pages, is escaping charges is beyond this nigga right here.

09/Speaking of improper sex addicts, R. Kelly has been charged with beating his "mentor", some nigga named Vaughn, and stealing the idea for that God-awful "Step In The Name Of Love" track. Now how you can mentor someone like that is beyond me -- regardless of his sexual antics involving little girls and urine, the man does the damn thing musically. I don't think suggesting someone make a track influenced by the "Step" craze can be seen as guiding. It's a fucking suggestion, nigga. And you are mad that he beat your ass over that? Should have kept your mouth shut with that madness.

10/Today's TV: sometimes the companies get it wrong, but in terms of Spike TV, they got it right when they cancelled that Blade TV series. I heard the stories were a lot better than the acting, which doesn't help a damn thing. Sticky Fingaz as Blade? Nigga, please! And if anyone can get Dead at 21 for me on VHS or DVD, ket me know!

11/It's official: Raekwon has signed with Aftermath. Those waiting on Cuban Linx 2 can now expect it to drop soon... or in 2020. When it drops, it might be nice, but who knows. I mean, really, why try and recreate a masterpiece? Drop the dream and give us some new heat.

12/So a new Jay-Z track has been leaked to the Internets this week... "Show Me What You Got" is a toss-up depending on who is listening to it, but according to Def Jam, this wasn't even supposed to be released. Yeah, right. Like leaks just happen to appear online. Someone who knows something has to get this done, not just some random blogger. Be forreal. You put it out to gauge the response, and when it blows up, you guys are calling the FBI. Fuck you. Peep how Jay speaks on it at XXL, like the track is some throwaway shit. Let's be forreal, nigga. You love this attention right here. Well, come better next time, and we'll see. XXL also dropped a nice piece on Jay's post-retirement verses.

Word life, that's it for the week that was. Get ready for the week that will be, and this video should help you get ready:



hav said...

i love that video, dont think i've seen it in years. good lookin'.

Anonymous said...

On the real though, get at this nigga up if you get the hookup on Dead at 21. It's been a minute since I seen that show and the last episode fucked me up.