Friday, November 10th 2006 playlist

*sigh* This weekend will be the start of that new shit, the good life, or maybe just the life where I get back to do everything and nothing at once. Not having a job makes your days drag on so quickly. In any case, peep the new tunes...

01/Juggaknots ft. Slick Rick "Vows" [Oh No produced gem from this solid album. Gotta love the family affairs.]
02/Jay-Z "H To The Izzo (Nappy & Beat Bully Mash-Up)" [watch out for the Wired Weird shit. More info on that when I get it.]
03/The Game ft. Mad Heads "It's Okay (One Blood) (Remix)" [gotta love 11minute love fests set to Junior Reid samples.]
04/UFO ft. Lea "Something Out There (Twisted Anger Remix)" [loving dnb like it's '00.]
05/Jadakiss ft. Swizz Beatz "Thug It On Out" [no audio, for I dunno when/where this one is droppin', but it's like 2k6 Ruff Ryder sound.]
06/Saburuko "Latency" [NYC by way of UK, and nothing but good music.]
07/Fat Joe ft. The Game "Breathe & Stop" [more Game over reggae samples? Say it ain't so!]
08/Kidz In The Hall "Wassup Jo" [the return of Rawkus?]
09/Silent Witness & Break ft. Fierce "Knife Point [solid tune off a dope CD.]

Peep the 1993 Fat Joe classic here... one of my fav joints of his EVER!

Then or Now? I choose then, but I can't help it, you gotta flow, Joe!

Now, as we wait for his LP, here's Styles' biggest solo single (arguably)... this blew the fuck up that summer! Be ez, people.


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