Friday, November 17th, 2006 playlist

Damn job search has ya boy going mental... but at least I'm getting to listen to music at the spot. Loads of new material came in this week, and this list does not even cap off the Hip-Hop & DnB I peeped this week, but some of that shit is on the low to protect the unprotected. More on that if/when it comes out. Peep game:

01/Clipse "Ride Around Shining" [leaks galore this week... is this CD the album of the year? my review in a couple of weeks will let you know the skinny on it...]
02/Jay-Z "Brooklyn High" [Jay finally disses Jim Jones, over the "We Fly High" beat. Gotta love that 1st verse.]
03/Snoop Dogg ft. R Kelly "That's That Shit" [that beat is so nice, I can't help it.]
04/Birdman & Lil' Wayne ft. Fat Joe "About All That" [you can't deny that southern gospel feel in the organs and shit. One of Wayne's best verses on that LP. shouts to Hav for the heads up.]
05/The Game "I'm Chillin'" [UK-only bonus track to his "Doctor's Advocate" CD. Diggin' that shit forreal.]
06/Martyn "Believe It" [he keeps getting better. first one for Bassbin, and it's a keeper.]
07/Clipz "Download" [001 for Clipz' Audio Zoo imprint... funny as hell! that intro is crack.]
08/Twisted Indiviudal "Boob Job" [his grooves are so fine, so unorthodox, so not the norm, I can't help but get into them.]
09/kapsil "Numb" [double J doing the damn thing on the DnB tip.]
10/Fracture & Neptune "Ventura" [no real need to explain. Sleep if you want, this one is the jam!]

if you peeps are looking for mixes, check out my latest "FYLP" post on dubplate digest.

I'm about to eat and get back on this job search grind, but here is a YouTube final thought:


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