Friday, November 24th 2006 playlist

Today is officially Nigga Friday. Instead of going out and buying shit, we broke, so we're in the crib, vibin'. Here's an assload of tracks that have kept me sane this week:

Drum & Bass:

01/Lupe Fiasco "Kick, Push (Heist Remix)" [whitelabel] [gotta love that heavy bassline - took the best part of the track (which does NOT include a verse of Lupe's) and made it funky!]
02/Twisted Individual "Bigfoot" [grid] [some sly, murky bass from one of the dancefloor masters... his sound is going back to that darker, moodier thing. diggin' it.]
03/Wayz "Beyond" [doa] [new one on DOA records... gotta represent. HEAVY BASS!]
04/Jamal "Who The What?" [tov] [I'm not a big fan of TOV these days, but this and "Click Clack" are two DOPE Jamal tracks they picked up. see if you can steal this disc from the EP it came out on.]
05/PRS "Feeling Fine" [molten vinyl] [I dunno much about PRS or this label, but this track is tasty.]
06/Laroque "Bad Girls" [walnut] [001 on Laroque's new label, this one is a bit nasty, but it still has that liquid feel to it. don't sleep on Walnut.]
07/Break "Cold Sweat" [critical] [can this man do no wrong? WATCH THAT BASS!]
08/Mutt "Hot Lick Squeeze (RIP J Dilla)" [creative source] [tribute track from the one like Mutt. beautiful piece... that breakdown in the middle is the stuff heaven is made of.]
09/Infectious "One In A Million Things" [dubplate] [shouts to fu for this one... sounding good! Labels, keep your ears peeled...]
10/Spirit "Footprints" [renegade hardware] [very interesting track coming from the next Horsemen lp..its one of his where it shifts gears midway ala "Moving Target", and hearing Ink drop that before, it all makes sense...]
11/Autumn "Redemption" [fokuz] [another crew that does no wrong... deep, lush... just a warm track. add it to your order NOW!]
12/Calibre "The Way You Move" [innerground] [b-side wins again on this one.]
13/Nasty Habits vs. Blu Mar Ten "Shadowboxing 2006" [31 records] [out on promo right now... will this make a full release? 2k6 revamp of one of darkside DnB's classic tunes.]

Mixed Treats

01/NozL ft. 2tall & Muzzell "Akabizzl" [nice mash-up of a nasty beat, scratches, guitars... the EP this came out on is choice, check it out.]
02/SDM "One Blood" [you gota love free dubstep. he has another one available, too: "Got It". check out his website for more dnb fun.]
03/Coki "Shattered" [new one out on Tempa... been waiting for this one for some time.]
04/Lil' Jon ft. Three 6 Mafia vs. Coki "Act A Shattered Fool (DJ Nappy Mashup)" [I doctored the name on that one, and helped in the conception of this track, but if you dig dubstep and ignorant rap, you cannot tell me this shit isn't perfect.]
05/Nas ft. Jay-Z "Black Republicans" [from Nas' forthcoming album... the beat on this one is so ridiculous. Good to hear Jigga and Esco on a track together, I really like how this one sounds.]
06/Tonedeff ft. Extended Famm "Ugly Woman" [shouts to the QN5 family, this one samples the classic Jimmy Soul track. lovin' it; we need more truly funny Hip-Hop.]
07/Juggaknots "Berkowitz" [Breeze and fam do the damn thing over a nice beat. nothing else to say, really.]
08/Fat Joe "Flow Joe" [that 1993 classic Fat Gangsta shit, back when he was straight up DITC. I love that beat.]
09/Ghostface Killah & Theodore Unit "Crooklyn Dodgers 2 freestyle" [so More Fish is gonna be on some Theodore Unit shit instead of strictly Ghost, eh? It could be worse...]
10/Jay-Z "44 Four's (Live)" [live version of Jay's "22 Two's" with his new shit, "44 Four's" right after it... sickness.]
11/Showbiz & AG "Party Groove (Instrumental)" [classic DITC 1992 style... take a trip back.]

I have a few mixes up over at dubplate digest; one from Stunna for Bios Recs, one from SpectraSoul reppin' Horizons Music. I also still have my "Ill-bred" mixtape up of ignorant hip-hop. Check all of that shit out.

Final Thought:

Just take it easy...

Spark some izm...

take 1,2 then pass it.


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