the shuffle. [11/04/06]

"I been crushing the building since Izod socks/so independent, shit, I might buy Koch!" - Jay-Z freestyle swagger.

I wish I had Jigga's steeze sometimes. I mean, he could be me with less $$ than I have, and would still walk tall. I guess actually having money does that to a nigga though... I am just reevaluating life right now, especially with Jay and Nas apparently dropping LPs on the same label about a month apart --- I'll believe it when I see it on my HD. LOL... pardon me, I had to laugh at that.

Anyways, I've been slacking lately. When you figure that I have a gang of interviews to post up (The Enemy from Evol Intent, The Horsemen's FRISKe, TEKDBZ's HoChi), and a few more to work on (Joulz Il Duce, Gridlok, etc), I've been on some slack shit. Thing is, I've been on some LIFE shit. Got a new gig, got a sick kid... got just real life problems. I still haven't seen the latest episode of LOST yet! I do have that news though... follow me!

01/I know you guys see the new iPod shuffle up there. Look at it, shit clips on your lapel and forget about the bitch. And at $80 for a 1GB player, that's a beautiful thing. Almost half the price of the original... sick! PC World reviewed this badboy, and it looks like, as long as you realize you can only do so much, you will be satisfied. Apple also let word out that they are offering an iTunes Latino version for Spanish speaking peeps. They even partnered with Telemundo, so you can check out the ill dance competitions by skimpy-dressed latinas for $1.99. Somebody out there is listening...

02/A word to the wise out there: don't cut line at the falafel joint. This nigga from Short Hills did so, and ended up getting stabbed by some dude with the last name Tayeh. It would have been one thing if dude stabbed him right there at the falafel joint, but nah... both the victim and the stabber drove off and met up later. What kind of shit is that. How do you KNOW you have beef with dude, see him a lil later THAT DAY and not be prepared to get your shit pushed in? I feel sorry for him and his family, but he should have known that crazy Ziad Tayeh was gonna fuck him up over his falafel ordering time.

03/Now this story might get the "HUH!?!" award for 2006. Peep the background: this cop is suing someone he saved. Yes, you read that right. Apparently, this officer got a call to a home where this sheriff's officer was holding a gat, saying he would kill himself. The cop gets there, and has a piece held on him. The suicidal officer was on some "Suicide by cop" shit. After a 45 minute standoff, the cop got the suicidal dude to throw down his weapon and calm. Now, about 1 year later, the cop is suing the suicidal guy for holding a gun on him, the owner of the house for not letting him know what was going on... basically, he can't live on pension alone. My question is this: when I worked at Circuit City, I didn't think about suing them for getting yelled at by customers. I worked customer service, that's a part of the job. How is a cop going to sue someone for endangering their life? I mean, I get it, you had a piece pulled on you. That's some traumatic shit, and if you need $5400 per month for the rest of your life, hey, live well. How you gonna come back and sue the nigga you saved? Your hero status is plummeting...

04/There are a load of crazy stories that flood the newswaves each week. I like trying to figure out where the story originated when I hear the headline. Wifey told me that this guy raped his mother to get revenge on his brother, and after the initial shock of her seriousness, I told her this was from the South. Word is I was right... this fucking Alabama teen raped his mother in their trailer. How the fuck you could get on top of your own drunk mother and proceed to have sex with her is one thing... how you can continue doing it after she comes to and is like GET THE FUCK OFF OF ME is another. Now, there's been no real reasoning explained, aside from him getting back at his brother (what the fuck is THAT all about), but if this guy isn't hung for this travesty, I will lose my faith in the US Judicial System.

05/Word to my Illadelphia weed smoking niggas... you need to start copping your Blunts and Dutch Masters by the box. Philly is apparently trying to ban the sale of cigars in packages fewer than six. Funny thing about that is, aside from packs, I didn't know niggas bought like 2 pcks of blunts. Most of my peeps would by single cigars or whatever. You know how that goes, though, Trenton tried to crack down on the sale of those lil bullshit roses in glass stems that crackheads would cop to make pipes and shit. I just don't get it, though. I mean, you have stores dedicated to alcohol, which helps kill more people than a little bit, but you fuck with the niggas who smoke weed, which kills no one. Weed alone does not kill a soul, unless I'm missing someone, and if I had no responsibilities or care in the world, I'd be chiefing right now. Stop the hate on cigars and let niggas puff.

06/For those of you who are still fans of Kanye West after his ridiculous tirade at the MTV Europe Music Awards are full of shit. I mean, dog, you took the Best Hip-Hop award, no? Why do you honestly think that "Touch The Sky" deserved BEST VIDEO?!?! Then the nigga is like "this is the best video I saw all year"... shit, I say my son is the cutest thing on the planet, but I helped make him! You can't spend $1Mil on your video then be like its the best shit out there... once you wrote the check, you took yourself out of that equation, dickhead.

07/Speaking of Hip-Hop, let's round-up a load of the news out there: 50 Cent is set to play his dream role, a fucking pig, in the latest De Niro flick being produced. Fucking snitch ass nigga. The LOX's Styles P had his album pushed back, AGAIN, to later in the month of December. Between him and the Clipse, that real crack shit is getting no love on a commercial level. One of my favorite MCs ever, J-Live, gave The Fader an interview, even though he dissed your's truly for the now-defunct "The Flow" e-zine. I ain't mad at him, lemme get that album though! XXL has also leaked their Jay-Z interview, which should be hitting the shelves on the 7th... something like that. I can't wait, I'm loving Jigga again! Yo, just because you are Busta Rhymes, that does not mean you will be beneath getting a ticket for driving whilst talking on a cell. Shit, you are Busta Rhymes, what the fuck you driving for?! I hope Beanie Sigel gets over this double hernia shit... I wonder if he slims down, will that help him work better? I need a new Beans LP! I also really hope that Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five get into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame... I will protest each and every year if they don't get in. Oh and to end this Hip-Hop news, Saigon finally figured he should try and drop his LP without waiting for Just Blaze to stop buying video games. Smart move... until Papoose comes out.

08/Peace to Bob Barker, who announced he will be retiring from "The Price Is Right" after 50 years deep. Good luck to him. That show won't be the same without him. I predict it being canceled or sent to the CW shit (which is worse?) about 3 yrs after his departure. They don't even know who can hold his hosting jock. I hope it's someone worthwhile. I love Plinko.

09/MySpace pulled down their skirt and got in bed with the Industry this week, proclaiming that anyone with copyrighted material (mainly music) will get their accounts deleted. What's wrong with free promotion? I mean really, are there 16 yr olds out there with copyright material getting deals off of their fav songs being on their profile? Lighten the fuck up!

10/In yet ANOTHER story of priests taking their positons way too far, this evangelical faggot admitted this week that, admist many rumors, he had improper relations with another man. Now, he tried to clean it up, saying he only paid for a massage and copped meth off the dude. Yo, I don't let no dude touch me in that manner at all... shit, a nig is lucky he gets a handshake! Why not just say "I smoked crystal with him and he rubbed my dick"? Stand up and admit it all, or look like a super chump.

11/For my last bit of news, can you lot believe that a Tom Cruise struck a deal with United Artists!? We'll see how far this goes, but UA, this is not the same Tom you got paid with over Rain Man. Consider your dumb asses warned.

Well, that's all my peoples. It's kind of late, and I have to see my bed at some point. I'll scream at you some more in the very near future, but I will leave you with this...

Had to represent some Jadakiss after my nigga Nappy hit me with the new Jada shit... "Thug It On It"... wait for it. New mixtapes from him and me forthcoming. Peep the Wired Weird collective. Watch this space for more info. Be good, peeps.

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