the shuffle. [11/18/06]

(Editor's note: this shuffle is for the week ending 11-18-2006; some of this news might be considered "old news", but it needed to be covered no matter what... deal wit da matta!)

What a week, what a week. Stress, stress and more stress... do any of you guys NOT have a job? How do you cope? How the hell do you SURVIVE with little to no money? I'll be happy when my accounts are not in the red... but, a change gon' come, I can feel it...

This has been a crazy week, headline wise... no mistaking it, let's get right down to it.

01/For those who report the news, Jay-Z's leaked album did not come to the headlines until the 13th of November. This of course after the seedy underground had rocked with it since that Friday. Surprisingly, Def Jam said that there would be no pulling back the album, or trying to switch up the flow. This is surprising because the last time one of Jay's albums got leaked in a major way, a nigga got stabbed. Maybe it's because in this day and Internets-age, Jay had no fucking idea WHO leaked it... I bet anything if word comes out that Just(in) Blaze gave out Kingdom Come, Jay better be kept away from the Ginsu.

02/Speaking of November 13th, did any of you realize it had been two years since ODB passed? RIP to one of Hip-Hop's most beloved individuals... he is truly missed. Now Dame, where the FUCK is that LP?

03/Dipset capo Jim Jones has had his name all over the 'Net for various things... to start things off, Jay-Z finally attacked Jim over the "We Fly High" beat. "Brookyln High" has a very hot first verse, but is not the low-down "Takeover" Jay we were looking for. Not to be outdone, Jim Jones then came back at Jay with the help of Juelz, calling out his "30 something" lines... very interesting. Jim capitalized early on that shit, and Jay should have kept well alone if he wasn't going to seriously go at him. Oh, and to top it all off, it's going to be a Dipset Christmas this year! Shoot me already...

04/Now, folks, here is a bit of album news from the Rap World... Lord helps us. Timbaland is prepping his Timbaland Presents Shock Value album for a March '07 release. He is having everyone from Dr. Dre and Lil' Wayne to Elton John, Bjork and Fall Out Boy features on the album. I hope this comes out better than Diddy's "everyone but Michael Jackson" featured atrocity. The real beef was over Justin Timberlake's "subliminal" disses at SOMEBODY in that "Give It To Me" track... some say it was against Janet, I also heard he might have been spitting at Prince, even though he bit Prince heavily for that sophmore album of his... who fucking knows, who cares really. ...Big Boi is set to put out his 1st (well, 2nd) solo LP due in 2007. He is reported to have said that you can expect something from every genre, every type of sound, on this album... that will sound just like Speakerboxxx. OK so we are gonna encompass many different styles to sound just like the same shit I put out 3 years ago? OutKast fans will probably eat it up, and it might have a decent groove behind it, but after this Idlewild nonsense, will anyone care? ...Fat Joe and The Game both had LPs dropping on the 14th, and decided to link up and buy 10 copies of each other's albums... now only if Joe could have helped The Game from being arrested for police officer impersonation. Now I can't trust a cabbie for shit, but why would he just come out and be like "yo, dude said he was a cop"? What does he gain out of that? Game wants to keep the buzz flowing, so he told neph to speed through the lights. Simple. ...on the interview from, Ghostface speaks out on why he did not attend the VH1 Hip-Hop Honors this year, Raekwon breaks bread with Format Mag and Katt Wiliams breaks down his Hip-Hop jones for XXL. XXL also reported that Jacob the drug-dealing Jewler is suing Scarface for some unpaid jewelry. Now, what the fuck... your legal fees are less that $37K? Get your priorities straight, dumbass. ...And do you guys really give a fuck about an Irv Gotti reality show? I thought they'd start trying to highlight niggas that actually meant something... not the fucker behind Ja Rule's success.

05/You have to admire the fucking BALLS OJ Simpson has. This nigga is honestly going to come out with a book entitled ... wait for it... If I Did It!?!?! And the fucking publisher is like "I think this is his confession?!" AND FOX IS GOING TO AIR TWO SPECIALS ABOUT IT?! What the hell is this world coming to... OJ, word to the wise: 1) you got off. You, well J.C., duped the legal system out in LA and you are a free man - that double jeopardy law is NOT going away anytime soon, so just go somewhere and lay low. You are living off your NFL pension, and you have your lil cake. Shit, just be quiet. 2) Speaking of that money, you need to keep your name out of the limelight --- one of these days, Ron Goldman's pops is going to go buck on you something ugly. I mean, you haven't paid what you owe by the civil suit, so the more you talk shit, the more they gonna find your ass bloodied in whatever spot you stay now. Dumb nigga.

06/Now a guy like me, who is a sort-of artist, can't make a dime off the 2 blogs he runs, but dead-ass Andy Warhol's paintings are still going for $17.4 million?!?!

07/Sony's Playstation 3 system has dropped , and non-working momma's boys stayed up all night to cop it. Their asses are some smart-dumb asses, though, just check the eBay auctions that are popping up; if my cash was that disposable, I probably would have copped 3 and tripled my money. The craziest thing about this is people getting shot at while waiting in line -- with BBs, but still, that's insane. Not as bad as the crazy white boys who are smashing the new Wii right in front of people. That's just pure comedy.

08/Did anyone else notice (or give a fuck) about kris ex leaving his blogging post over at XXL? I mean, hell, he's a dope print writer --- I don't think he got the whole blogging thing, but so be it, I loved his swagger, and enjoy his article immensely. My question is, with the additions of a music video review blog and a mixtape review blog, when is ya boy khal going to get his own XXL blog? Hook it up, YN, I'm open to any ideas.

09/Did you guys think Kevin Federline was going to just lounge out while Brit divorced him? Nah, ya boy K-Federoni is out there partying! 4 kids, and he's got the balls to be out chillin in South Beach. I have a 2 month old son -- there's no WAY I can go out partying like that. If I go out, I am in by 2. Shit, then I wake up with the lil' man around 7am. Does Kev do that? No his scruffy ass is up smoking dutches. *SIGH* ... and he has a sex tape now? $20 says this thing is going to hit YouTube in a week or so... or she will either a) put out a protective order or b) leak the shit herself, make all of the money. Does anyone really want to see him fucking Brit though? I mean, I guess she's a dirty ass bird in the sack... I can only imagine. Do you really want to see K-Fed's fuck face though?

OK that's all I got right now... its a Hard Knock Life. Be prepared, I might have something special for you niggas next week. For right now, peep out my boy DJ Nappy's Extended RMX of Ghostface Killah's "Daytona 500". And I'm out.


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