the shuffle. [11/25/2006]

You fuckers slept on my latest mixtape eh? Go drink you some beer and cool out to that jammy. I put it on and it puts a smile on my face -- Hip-Hop for those who don't get caught up in the mental nonsense.

This week was Turkey Day and Nigga Friday, so people got loaded up on turkey and then spent everything in their bank account. Shit, I know I'm a broke bastard, and I just sat at home! Better that way, though, I can't fuck with Nigga Friday.

I'm also trying to hustle myself -- getting paid to blog. If you know any websites who need someone who is knowledgable about music/entertainment and other things to do weekly blog posts for pay, holler at me. Seriously, it's time to get it.

I have a mixtape I'm doing for wifey that should be completed in the next week or so... and a special X-Mas themed jawn that is under wraps right now. Shouts to my cousin Mike over in the Navy -- keep ya head up.

01/So, Nintendo has released it's PS3/XBX360 killer, the Wii (which is going to be able to play about ANY Nintendo game that's come out in the past, as well as Genesis and TurboGrafx16 joints!!), and it's looking good -- except for the occasional controllers busting out TVs. Now my thing is, I've seen people do that whole "move the controller/cord around thinking that will help their character move" shit since the NES days, and I've seen some pretty crazy antics during heated games, but yo, your controller being thrown at the TV and cracking it? It WAS a bowling game being played, but dude, get a life ... or some pussy.

02/Ayo, people used to ask me back in the say if I watched Seinfeld. Aside from that "Soup Nazi" episode, I had not really watched that show. Now I know why: fucking Kramer is a racist. You guys had to have heard about Michael Richards' racist tirade after getting heckled by a couple of black dudes out in Cali. was quick to the punch, posting the video online early, and this shit is ridiculous... there was no need for him to call them niggers, no need for that comment about hanging a bitch upside down and sticking a fork in them. Fucking bitch. He went on Letterman and tried to apologize, but the salt had already been thrown in the wound. Now, Jesse Jackson had to step in and say that Richards was on some "hate speech" shit, which I am not sure I agree with, but I do agree with Jesse on his comments about Michael having some deep-seeding racism in there. I mean come on, no one "slips" and calls someone a nigger that many times, in that voice and in that context. The funniest part of this whole fiasco? Video of Richards in blackface for some old Whoopi Goldberg movie thing has surfaced, and its just a nail in the coffin. I feel like going to Best Buy and buying out their Seinfeld DVDs and burning them shits. Or just burning them right in the store. Fuck the system.

03/Rupert Murdoch buckled under pressure and decided to not release the OJ Simpson If I Did It nonsense to the public... but the shit still hit eBay, for a limited time. He kept it funky, saying that he knew the money was "blood money" and that he was looking out for his kids' monetary gain, which I can respect even if I don't respect the way he went out. He could have went a better route, but he chose to throw his baby's mom in the mud after being murked the way she was... that's crazy disrespectful, and above all, a reason for the white dudes to nail his as to the wall again. He's an imbecile, but God must be shining on him, he gets loads of breaks...

04/I saw this going off this past week and had no idea it'd turn into some beef. Word is Kelly Ripa had Clay Aiken on her show the week before last as a guest host. He put his hand over her mouth mid conversation, and she was like "yo I don't know where your hand's been". To be fair, she said the shit with a smile, but that's how Live is. Everything is a joke. So she spoke on it this past Monday and was like yo Clay is disrespectful. How about Rosie O'Donnell, the fat bulldagger, went on The View and was on some "as a gay American I'm appalled", and the chicks on the panel were like "we understand". I doubt Kelly was on some homo-hate shit, and she called the show to be like look, I have 3 kids, and it's cold flu season, this dude put his dirty hands on my face, I don't wanna catch something. Now, the rub is, Clay hasn't publically announced he is gay -- he's been coy to the whole situation. Rosie did a major foul on outting this queer, for no better reason than ratings. I love Kelly, I hope she pulls through.

05/I found it quite funny that soon to be divorced wife of Paul McCartney, Heather Mills McCartney, was saying shit like "I will never marry again". Given the rumored amount of her settlement, what man would be trying to marry that gold digger? Miss, you are no longer a catch. You can catch a piece of ass grease off Paul, thouhgh.

06/"Magician" David Blaine completed a pointless stunt this week. He was in some gyroscope thing shackled up, and had a time limit to get out so he could get poor families shopping certificates. He did it. Big fucking whoop, what happened to you in that water, nigga? And how come every one of your televised levatations looked fake as hell? I just can't get jazzed about anything homeboy does anymore.

07/So Jay-Z came out and blew the socks off you niggas, huh? 850K is nothing to shake your finger at, even if there's only 1 bonafide jam on the enitre thing. The funny part about those numbers is like 2 days before it dropped, Universal sued MySpace, and one of the reasons was because someone leaked Jay's Kingdom Come through the MySpace Music feature, which makes me laugh. More than likely it was a 15 year old Korean boy just being funny, but now MySpace Music has to shut down the whole operation? Are fake music acccounts really that big of a deal? Ease off, UMG. PS: Jay, your LP leaked on more places than fucking MySpace. And why the hell are you cameoing on Fall Out Boy albums?

08/New Era, them of the fitted cap, did a good thing and made an exclusive J Dilla cap to be sold on for Black (nigga) Friday. Good show, but it sucks because I'm a broke bastard. Proceeds go to the J Dilla Foundation, which is a beautiful thing.

09/On some scattered Hip-Hop news, the upcoming Clipse album got some good reviews, as well as good remarks, over at Oh Word via Sacha Orenstein, one the the blogging world's most on point writers. Def. go out and grab that album this Tuesday - if you are a fan of the Clipse or The Neptunes, you will enjoy. ... Nas has a new interview over at AHH, breaking down his comments on Hip-Hop (and other genres) being dead, and what his ass is going to do to help it out (parts 1 and 2). DJ Premier stepped up to be noodled at by, and brought out an interesting read on his label, his production feel, and other tidbits. I need NAPU, though.

Word life. That's all this nigga has for you lot today. I'm about to take it down, but remember... wash your hands.


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