the shuffle. [11/11/06]

What a month... lost a job, got a temp, temp ended. Opened an eBay store, unable to sell shit. Heard a bunch of new Hip-Hop albums, dug not one of them front to back. I guess that's the fall blues for you. It's not like these are the last days, but shit, Election Day came and passed and I feel cheated. Cheated by the system, cheated by the industry, cheated by the fucking man. You feel cheated too, no? Well, I'm going to rape the system; milk those fuckers until the day I die. Only way a nigga like me can truly make ends meet to the point where I'm not drowning, in debt or shopping bags, whichever comes first...

I've been slacking on my blog macking... but since I will be home more raping the system, I'll be able to drop my views a lot quicker. And blunter. Get familiar like Clinton Sparks! Let's ride!

01/This first tidbit is a note to The Game, aka the one who has so much potential, but is not thinking about his career. Taking war to Fiddy was brilliant until you got dumped from Dre's Aftermath. Now, your album comes out on the 14th, and you have proclaimed that you leaked your album... sort of. You told All Hip-Hop that you leaked the clean version. This would be a grand event, especially if you truly leaked The Documentary before it dropped, but the thing is, niggas had the dirty retail version of your album before this "clean album leak" story was online. Which is it? Were you just trying to lessen the blow of your whole album leaking, which isn't half bad (hell, even Oh Word co-signed it's OK-ness)... hell, that track with is actually worth listening to! I do have to give you props though, that "It's Okay (One Blood) (Remix)" is like butter on breakfast toast, especially when you got so many of Hip-Hop's nicest to bless that beat. Eleven minutes of fury. Keep up more of that, and less of the 9 minute tracks featuring Nas and a gospel choir. Bad look, duke.

02/It wouldn't be right if I didn't talk about my newest, favoritest celebrity of the moment, Britney Spears. Even though she named her 2nd son Jayden, like my own son, I still have to give it up to her for finally divorcing K-Fed, over Blackberry even. You lot don't know, but I asked dude for an interview like 3 weeks ago, and I heard nothing back from his people, so that's what happens when you diss the rock the dub massive: you get your funds cut from your fly-again wife. Shit, homegirl is even rumored to be working on her new album with Pharrell down in M-I-A-yo! Kevin wants sole custody of his 2 seeds with Brit, which ain't fucking happening -- her dollars are longer than yours, pup. He even enlisted his previous baby moms, Shar Jackson, to do some PR for the fag MC, saying he is paying for his seeds to go to private school, when we all know full well this nigga can't even sell his debut album - how the FUCK is he paying for his kids schooling? Shit, he had a hard enough time clearing a freestyle: peep game: Mobb Deep and the Alchemist made "Got It Twisted", which sampled Thomas Dolby's 80's hit "She Blinded Me With Science". K-Fed rapped over this for a freestyle entitled "America's Most Wanted", and Dolby went and sued dude over this, AND WON! Imagine how many real MCs would be penniless just from jacking beats for freestyles, esp. ones that aren't being sold! He's a bitch made faggot, unable to hold his own in a town full of giants. This is the start of his ending... get ready for the ground, pussy. Unsurprisingly, Brit isn't asking for spousal support, and wants him to take his own jewels back. Like this kid bought them. She paid for their rings, right? 'the fuck outta here!

03/What made so fucking called on? Everyone from Nas to The Game is asking this fruitcake for beats, like his shit don't stink. Come on, "lovely lady lumps"? All of the sudden, niggas like Michael Jackson come out of the woodworks, saying that will is doing good shit and wants to work with him. Nigga, please, you want that cake. Don't try to patronize me, acting like this fucker is detrimental to the music scene. Shit don't make sense. Instead of paying dope producers money, we get the "I Love My Bitch" creator to direct the Black Music Brigade. I want a refund.

04/The Borat movie is fucking hilarious, and it's also going to cost the filmmakers. says that there are a few people who fell for the "prankster" and got drunk before going on screen and acting like assholes, and they want to get paid. I haven't seen the film yet, but I can only imagine what they said... take it in stride, bitches. I mean, if you have the balls to even think the shit you say, back it the fuck up. Why be weak and try to get caked off after the fact? Ho ass homos.

05/Katt Williams got arrested this week, served a few days, and got released over a "stolen, concealed weapon" found in his luggage. Now, I love Katt, and he was the one to talk about haters being needed... are people really trying to test him on some real shit? I sure hope not -- that nigga packs the hot rocks! It's all good though, my nigga is out and is out to host the BET Hip-Hop Abortio-- I mean Hip-Hop Awards.

06/I want to take the time out to reflect on some of the lives the world has lost this week: Jack Palance, aka old dude from City Slickers, passed away. I didn't know too many flicks he made, but he was in the first Batman movie, so he gets the uptmost respect. In a real shock to the R&B community, Gerald Levert died from a heart attack at age 40. I don't know if it was the fact that he died from a heart attack or that this nigga was only 40, but mad heads are saddened by his passing. I mean shit, this nigga wrote Barry White's "Practice What You Preach", as well as making it big with the 80s hit "Casanova". My mom hated songs like this, but she still checked for dude, so that meant something. You're be sorely missed, G. Finally, RIP goes out to Ed Bradley, who succombed to lukemia this week at the age of 65. He held it down on 60 Minutes, forever immortalized on Chris Rock's last CD. He will be missed as well. Moment of silence for all 3 of those dons...


07/SoundSlam let loose a rumor that Foxy Brown might be getting the cold shoulder from Def Jam, mainly due to her lack of output for her next album. I mean, when Jigga says you ain't productive, take notice... but then again, the bitch is deaf. When part of your job involves being able to hear music and YOURSELF, how you gonna scrutinize. Maybe she needs to do some other shit. Go feed the kids or be on Celebrity Paranormal Project shows.

08/Raekwon finally went to an official (read: VH1) outlet to let it be known that his Cuban Linx 2 LP is definitely going to be coming on Aftermath. Slated to drop beats, aside from the RZA, are Dr. Dre, J Dilla and Scram Jones, among others. How this can be seen as a good thing is beyond me... good idea, great press, but will it mean another classic? If it ain't helmed by the '94 RZA, Rae and Ghost, nah IMHO.

09/Since I'm in a situation with this broken oil heater in my rented home, I figured I'd take my wife's advice and let you guys know how to stay warm sans heater. IMO it's all about the under-$20 electric heaters you can find @ Walmart and other quality stores... trust.

10/I've been slacking on my LOST coverage, but I HOPE you guys caught the "Fall Season Finale" this past Wednesday... good ol' Doc @ EW's Popwatch blog provided his theory on what he thinks is going on... deep shit, and I agree with many points he made. I still feel it will be on some totally OTHER shit, but who knows...

11/Don't serve your employees dog food: this black firefighter just won $2.7Mil from LA's courts for being served dog food-laced spaghetti by his apparently racist white employees. More power to him. I mean really, that's some disgusting shit, and I doubt they just gave him damn near $3Mil for this one incident... I imagine he got fucked with plenty of times over the years. I do think it's odd that none of the guys involved were fired... this "on leave with pay" bullshit make a nigga want to take the law into their own hands. Good for black dude.

12/The Fader made an interesting point on a new DJ Premier mixtape... it looks like Primo has a sticker on the mixtape cover saying that this was made 100% with turntables, no CDJs, yadda yadda, basically emphasizing the "real Hip-Hop" aesthetic he lives by. That's all well and good, but the majority of the tracks on there are exclusives, and 9 times out of 10, they aren't cut to vinyl or any other format as of yet commercially. Fader then suggested that he's kind of a hypocrite for this, because hell, if the tunes aren't on vinyl, what'd he mix them with? Abelton? Or did he cut them to CD and use CDJs? My thing is this, though: vinyl cutters are readily available for DJs/producers with bread. It's not that hard to imagine Primo having a dub cutter in his grasp and putting new tunes to wax for his mix. I need to hear the tape though.

Well, that's all folks... aside from the odd Tamia interview for my R&B loving heads. She's fly, and her new CD is out there... wifey didn't ask me to take it off her iPod yet, so it must be half way decent. Peep game. I'll leave you guys with a new promo viddy from the Wired Weird collective... until next time:


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