Friday, December 1st 2006 playlist

First post of December, eh? Looks like it's finally getting "seasonal" here on the East Coast... chance of snow like whaaaa on Monday. Fingers crossed. Anyways, weird music week. A lot of things I heard I thought I'd love, a lot of shit I heard I def. did not. And most of my favs were made by people I consider friends or associates. Holla at ya boy. Oh and a massive shout to my boy Pandamonium Jones of Caps & Jones fame for sending me my "10 Fingers EP" via AIM. I used to rape Mixman Studio for all it was worth. Maybe if I get inspiried I will let some of these gems out of their box.


01/Perpetuum "Beige" [dubplate] [classic jungle sound in a 2k6 filter. HORSEMEN!]
02/Saburuko "El Presidente" [progress dubplate] [off their forthcoming EP. big tunes, very deep and dubby; check out their MySpace page for this and other tracks from the "Boro Park EP".]
03/Deadly Habit "untitled beat" [gotta love those Doors samples. coming to a Dub Session near you...]
04/Trillville ft. Twista "Neva Eva Remix Remix" [gotta love it when DJ Nappy puts those dubstep tracks underneath rap vocals. Download this and others on his MySpace page.]
05/Nas ft. The Game & Marsha of Floetry "Hustlers" [aka "QB True G", this masterpiece produced by Dr. Dre is forthcoming on Nas' Hip Hop Is Dead album this month.]
06/Ghostface Killah ft. Redman & Shawn Wigs "Greedy Bitches" [grab that More Fish when it drops Dec. 19th. I still say its more "Theodore Unit" than solo Ghost, but whatever. Holla.]
07/khal "my life is encrypted" [5 mins of heaven on an interlude. soon come.]
08/Young Jeezy "3A.M." [produced by Timbaland, this track has got me open. I'm having a hard time deciding which album(s) I'll be reviewing this month...]
09/Mos Def "Crime & Medicine" [ Mos jacks the "Liquid Swords" sample to rap and sing on his new one, Tru3 Magic. I like this track, but I am regretting asking for Mos to do more Hip-Hop... he is lost right now trying to be relevant.]
10/Mutt "Summer Thing" [from the new EP on Renegade. One of the best DnB prodcuers of 2k6.]

Peep the digest for any DnB mixes for this week; no final thoughts this week. I think next week will be the week of the review. One a day sound good? Holla. Until then...

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