Friday, Jan. 12th 2007 playlist

Yes, yes. Another week goes by, and new music is coming and going. Old music is a mainstay, too, but not so much. I was thinking on that yesterday - how little I have been digging into YEARS OLD music. I need to get back to that older stuff... EDIT: I finally got around to blogging about Jordana (aka 1.8.7.'s) post over on DOA offering up a boatload of FREE DNB! Check out this post over at the dubplate digest for more info, direct links, and other stuff.

01/Sean Price "Crazy" [nice one from Ayatollah and Jesus Price. Non-LP track, but from the PROMO I heard, that LP is dangerous!]
02/Joe Budden "Unforgiven" [Joey does it again, this time snatching Metallica's original to let out some of his demons. One of my favs right now, forreal. Where's his LP?]
03/Jin ft. Donald Trump "You're Fired (Rosie O'Donnell Diss)" [Jin going at Rosie for her random Chinese comments in her dissing of Trump - listen to the intro of the track. he even kicks shit in Cantonese, which sounds dope. Nice reworking of Nas' Ether, too.]
04/Jennifer Holiday "And I'm Telling You" [I don't want to see Dreamgirls. I do like the original track though. Jennifer Hudson redid this for the new soundtrack, but her voice is too high IMHO. Original FTW.]
05/Sabre "Riverside" [I swear I've heard those keys before, on some random, dusty mixtape I have. Sabre is one of the ones to watch for 2007, hands down. Sultry DNB.]
06/Evol Intent "Glock Party" [pure ghetto nastiness. Gotta love those ATL bwoys.]
07/Seba ft. Robert Manos "Heaven Sent" [this combination cannot do any wrong. Seba provides some skittering, solid beats while Robert handles the beautiful vocal.]
08/Common ft. Bilal "Play Your Cards Right" [Spine Magazine has this as being produced by Kariem Riggins, J Dilla's boy, but it sounds like some Dilla shit. Love hearing Common over some high strings. Soulful tune.]
09/Styles P "Close To The Concrete" [Styles P is the man for this one. The mixtape this came out on is essential... can't say anything more, really.]
10/Saburuko "Stellar" [can't wait for this EP to drop. Just wait and see.]

For you guys watching The (white) Rapper Show and having NO IDEA who MC Serch is, he was in a crew called 3rd Bass. Check out some of their videos:

"Gas Face" (ft. Zev Luv X AKA MF Doom)

"Pop Goes The Weasel"

"Steppin' To The A.M."

"Product of the Environment"

and I posted this previously, but here is "Pop Goes The Weasel" LIVE on Arsenio Hall - peep DJ Richie Rich at the end, cutting it up. Classic.

Enjoy your weekend, peeps.

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