Friday, Jan. 19th 2007 playlist

Word. Got a job interview later on today; wish me luck. Check these beats, buy them if you got a buck (or dload if I got a link).


01/J Dilla "Wild" [from the forthcoming reissue of Ruff Draft dropped on Stones Throw soon. All about the lil boy in the chorus with his "come on feel the noise" shit.]
02/Kool G Rap "What's More Realer Than That" [what's more ignorant than that title? New G Rap LP dropping soon...]
03/Raekwon ft. Mathematics "Trees" [taken from Natural Selection 2.0, Rae namechecking mad weed references in this one. Where is his album? (shouts to eskay on the link)]
04/Trae ft. Styles P "Smile" [lovely track. Shouts to Rizoh on the link -- very deep, somber tracks. I slept on Trae's lp and now I need to give it a once over...]
05/KRS-One "Nas Tribute" [like everyone asked, what does he mean by beef between Nas & Jada... who knows. Marley Marl produced, sick track.]
06/MC Serch "Handle It" [shouts to Serch, he's always been the man. From his forthcoming "lost" album, this track is bananas. Conscious, but it also has that head snapping beat. Can him and Doom possibly link up and recreate some of the old school days?]
07/Swizz Beatz "It's Me Bitches" [Swizzy sounds like fucking Fatman Scoop or DJ Kool on this one... don't know if that's good or bad, but that beat is ready to have some shorties breaking their backs in the club.]

Drum & Bass/Jungle:

01/KJ Sawka "Sapphire" [if you're not up on KJ, check out this post from earlier this week... BANANAS!]
02/Dylan & Skitty "Disguised As An Angle of Light" [from Dylan's new label, Bastard Child, this one is a dark dub damager. I swear, with tracks like this and "Preacherman" from last year, I think Dylan wants to drop a Deadly Dub album lol. Peep the rewind sounds from Dylan's "Junglism" days...]
03/Electrosoul System "Purple Sky (Lomax Remix)" [first of 2 Lomax remixes featured this week. Loving that bass in this one... danceable, but deep, kind of like when those Cambridge boys drop the darker styles.]
04/Autumn "It's Always About The Girl (Lomax Remix)" [Lomax took my fav track by the Autumn crew and made it smooth. Not that the original was a slouch, but this one is a nice revamp for a new year.]
05/Dub Alley "Sheltered Gangsta" [sometimes, I just need some mindless DnB to tide me over...]
06/The Funktastics "Angel Story" [not sure who the Funktastics are, but I've been rocking this Shogun LTD 12" all week. Both sides.]
07/Phace "Crevice" [Psycho is out on promo, IF YOU CAN FIND IT, and it is fucking SICK. this is my fav so far - I'm sure I'll have a new fav next week. Review coming soon - where, who knows...]

Now, some videos:

DJ Marky going buckwild with the tablism over DNB:

DJ FU going wild for 16mins:

Finally, Big L's "MVP" video, just for old time sakes:

Aiight, then! One love, catch you guys on the flip...


Anonymous said...

Goodluck with the job stuff man, hope the interview goes well.

Anonymous said...

how'd it go??