Friday, Jan. 5th 2007 playlist

The first playlist of 2007... you gotta love it. New music seems to come flying out of the woodworks come the beginning of every year. Is it that labels like dropping goody goodness to start the year off fresh? Who knows, but it seems as though some of my anthems drop at the beginning of each year... in any case, get familiar with these artists:

01/Fracture & Neptune "Wrong Think" [great way for Bassbin to start out 2007. Some Ed+Op stylings on this one, best shit I've heard in a while!]
02/Ewun "Screw Up" [gotta love Biggie samples mashed up. This EP is stellar, big up to the Lifted Music crew.]
03/Fanu "Garmonbozia" [this track twists on you... goes from subtle and light to fucking HEAVY! Lightless is going to do some big things if it keeps it up!]
04/Amit & Klute "Kunt Kicker" [great title from a great track from 2 great producers... dubby masterpiece.]
05/Man Vs. Grizzly "Broccoli" [bigup the TrackDonalds crew... more info on that label here.]
06/Talib Kweli & Madlib "Over The Counter" [more info on this FREE album here.]
07/Hell Razah, Talib Kweli & Viktor Vaughn "Project Jazz" [slick classic sounding beats with some nice rhymes... Doom really shines at the end.]
08/Sean Price ft. Rock "P Body" [Sean P is the brokest rapper you know, but he's also the best out there right now.]
09/The RZA ft. Q-Tip & Free Murder "Jus A Lil Dude (Who's That?)" [I watched a bit of the Afro Samurai show last night... dope shit, seriously. This track grows on you...]
10/Lord Finesse ft. Grand Puba "Real Talk" [nice to see two vets still be able to get down on a track. One of the nicest collabos I've heard in a bit.]

You like that, right?
Want a video? Peep this week's pick:

Photek "Ni-Ten-Ichi-Ryu"

Classic DNB. Gotta know where you been...

Until next time.

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