the shuffle. [1/06/06]

No typical shuffle this week. I spent a good hour+ just now typing out about last week, and then good ol IE7 putzed out on me for no good. Reason that is.

All I can say is there's a bunch of putzes out there, especially Lupe Fiasco. If he truly thinks making his album 3 weeks before it gets released will stop the bootleggers, he needs to go fully into clothing design and leave the game.

Oh, and who else is excited about JJ Abrams' on HBO!?

Also take a few other points of interest: "Black Ty" punches out his preggo girlfriend; digital downloads spike 65% in 2006; Chief Justice Roberts is bitching and moaning about six figure judge salaries being too low; the sons of the late Lou Rawls & Marvin Gaye are battling over a dog; and finally, you pervs posting up sex romps of Brazilian bombshells are costing YouTube money.

There is one point I do want to make though: there has been a big uproar about these parents who surgically stunted their daughter's growth due to her disability. I ask any of you know-it-alls out there who are upset over this: do you have a child that is disabled? I mean, this girl was on track to being infant-like at 5 feet 6 inches tall. I have an autistic daughter who will be 17 y/o next month -- and is at least 5'6", if not taller. I thank the Lord I don't have to carry her around like a little child. That would put so much strain on my life, and while I am the #1 Dad out this bitch, I need to have my own life. Having kids does not mean your life ends -- it means you life gets better. And to be honest, who else is going to take care of their daughter? If their kid will not know the difference anyways, so be it. Let the family be, and get off of their case. I totally understand and back their decision.

Sorry, faithful shuffle readers... I just can't be arsed to go back and retype what I already wrote. Venom isn't as potent the 2nd time around. I will make this coming Saturday's shuffle xtra special though.


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