Friday, Feb. 16th 2007 playlist

I had a weird dream last night while wishing my 5 month old would stay asleep... for some reason, MF Doom wanted the world to believe that he really was two different entities, and set up two different labels: Metal Face Records and something else, I want to say it was like Hotbox Sneaker Recordings, but the name truly escapes me. In any case, he's set up these press releases, saying things like "oh Metal Face shits all over Hotbox's output", setting up "Vs." mixtapes and what not. I don't even know why, I haven't been jazzed about new MF Doom since before the DangerDoom project.

I need more sleep. Or more hot music... here's some hot trinkets for you:

01/Birdman & Lil' Wayne "Stuntin' Like My Daddy (DJ Nappy Vs. Luke Envoy Thugstep Mix)" [you thugstep haters, you know what you can do (or, you can just join the campaign). and you know how we feel... I love Weezy over these dubstep tracks, the drops in and out of the beat help accent his braggadocio. Makes me actually appreciate his flow. More Weezy this week, later...]
02/J.R. Writer "Get 'Em" [from this Dipset rhymer's new mixtape, this one has that knock. All about that beat, as per usual with the Dipset clan.]
03/Parliament "Flash Light" [who knew that a group who's name became one of the worst cigarettes ever to be smoked could produce such funk. There's James Brown, the backbone of the Funk, then George Clinton and his P-Funk associates. Tracks with lyrics but no theme, just a fucking bomb-ass groove. When it gets to that "SHINING ON THE WALL" shit, that's when I lose my shit and have to pull up and reload.]
04/Cam'ron "Currrtiss" [TWO Dipset joints for one week? I had to include this one. Especially because of that video (peep the United Nations shouting "CURRRTISS!" and you though BALLIN was annoying)... I mean, Cam is not the man on the mic, but in this battle? I think he got it on 50. Even if 50 had the iller beat. Oh and peep Cam's speech towards the end, when he speaks on those G-Unit tank tops. He is on point with that comment.]
05/Fat Joe ft. R. Kelly, Lil' Wayne, Birdman, T.I. & Rick Ross "Make It Rain (Remix)" [why is R Kelly on this speaking about being with models? We don't think JC Penney girls are really on that level, Kells. Wayne murders it, as per usual (even though he shares his 16 with Birdman... who made THAT decision), and T.I. keeps his swagger official.]
06/Erykah Badu ft. Common "Love Of My Life (An Ode To Hip-Hop)" [extra cuts left off of my "rock the love" mixtape. Dope, smooth, Grammy award winning banger from Ms. Badu.]
07/Kanye West, Nas, KRS-One & Rakim "Classic (Better Than I Ever Been Remix)" [DJ Premier on the beat. If you guys caught that "One Night Only" event, the one biggin' up the Air Force 1, you saw clips of these 4 performing this on stage LIVE. This is the remix, but there is an original produced by Rick Rubin (couldn't find an mp3, sorry!), and from what Rizoh says, both tracks will be available for purchase on Feb. 20th via iTunes, with proceeds going to a Nike charity. Holla.]
08/Redman "Put It Down" [WHOA, sorry for the un-full version of this, but I had to put this new Redman out there, produced by Timbaland. Friday, club knockin beats. Seriously. What a combo. Word is this might be the lead single to Red Gone Wild? We'll let you know when we get either a full version or more info... the funny thing is, this week OhWord has been bringing some heat in terms of slept on gems (more on that later), and Red's classic "Pick It Up" made one of the lists. Nice contrast, in the titles that is. And one of my favorites. Oh, and for the fuck of it, here's another Redman clip uploaded via eskay @ NahRight: "Get Off My Dick". HOLLA!]
09/Lil' Wayne "Reggae Shit" [Wayne doing his thing over Baby Cham's "Ghetto Story". And you just thought he was done with "Mo Fire", eh? I like his fake patois lol. Does he have Jamaican in him? Shouts to Idolator for leaking this, as well as the "A-Trak RMX of Fireman".]


For those looking for FREE mixtapes, Mick Boogie and the now DUO Little Brother dropped "And Justus For All", which concerns me. Is 9th still part of the Justus Leage? Anyways, enjoy the freeness.


The boy ESB's Detuned Radio brought in none other than Canada's Gremlinz, and they did a pretty dope set on the 9th of Feb. Can't believe I missed it. No tracklisting on this one, but the dload is free (sendspace link).


Shouts to the OhWord crew, Noz, Robbie, and whomever else put together the "50 Incredible Rap Songs You Need To Hear... Right Now" series for (I actually don't think Rafi had anything to do with it, so he was as surprised as we were when this list just came out). The dloads even helped shut OhWord down for a bit yesterday morning. In any case, these are a boatload of slept-on Rap gems from all different eras, compiled by the above mentioned heads, with their short quips about them to boot. Here are the links: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 EDIT: here is parts 1-5 in one file, as well as 20 bonus tracks from the good folks over there. Gotta applaud my peers when they bring excellence.


To put an end to this, my final thought is a special video from the man like Wordsmith. He's the head behind the Nu Revolution Camp, a group of MCs, producers and the like who are currently making some sick music and on the verge of cracking into your mainstream systems, if they haven't already. Dude is even working with Chubb Rock, which is just dope in and of itself. You might also remember that I interviewed his boys Kontakt & SoL last month, and both spots came out right.

IN ANY CASE, this is a self-produced video they did, chronicling their "Mixshow" tour from 2006. You see them doing promo photo shoots, in the lab working on beats AND rhymes, just straight wylin' out and their slick looking live shows. I like the scene where they are on the stage rappin' about drivin', and really mimicing the act of driving, and its like every piece he rhymes about, a prop comes on stage and they act it out. I haven't seen something like that since Special Ed's "I Got It Made" video. Check it out. And peep for the rock the dub shout at the end. You know how we do.

Wordsmith's 2006 Mixshow Wrap-Up

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Until next time, take it light, but take it...

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