Friday, Feb. 23rd 2007 playlist

Diverse styles this week... hitting you with the hip-hop, the rap, the dubstep, the dnb, and... yeah, that's it. Get invovled...

01/Inner Loop "I And I Blues" [lovely jazz/dnb/dub hybrid styles. Apparently this group hails from DC, and is a jazz band that dabbles in drum loops and experimentation. I wish I had a file for this, but check their MySpace page and peep it in their player. Dope track.]
02/DJ Motive "Screwtop" [a friend of this very blog, Motive has been kind of silent for a spell... but I get the feeling a load of new bits from him will be forthcoming. This one is on Bingo, and is the best track off the EP. Heavy bass on this one.]
03/Juju "Mogera" [one of my favorite DNB artists has really come into his own with this dubstep stylings. This new release on NarcoHz is no exception. Just a serious bopper, hypnotic sounds in it as well. Lethal!]
04/Nolige "Eyes Deceived" [Scientific Wax dropped a dope 12" on the masses, and this is my pick, even though the Fracture tune on the flip is serious too. I love the intro on this one, really funky vibe to it, but the track then drops into a nasty, drumfunkula number.]
05/Nas "Hope (Original Version)" [this is reportedly the original version of the acapella track on Nas' latest. I like the strings in this, Nas sounds dope on this.]
06/Saigon ft. The Game & B.G. "Pain In My Life (Remix)" [what an odd pairing! I like how they all sound over that brooding track. Shouts to BG for holding his own.]
07/Loxy & Ink "Killing Season" [nice bleepy b-bop DNB beats on Xtinction Agenda. Horsemen crew, stand up!]
08/Alix Perez "Morning Sun" [DNB's brightest star, killing it for his debut Creative Source 12", and Fabio knew what to pick. This 12 is going to be hard to find in a bit. I hate people comparing dude to Calibre - I can see the similarity, but I think Alix does it better.]
09/Prodigy ft. Un Pacino "7th Heaven" [more Return of the Mac hotness. ALC and Prodigy linking up is a great combo. P sounds crazy lit on this, which is a good thing. He keeps dropping Bloods references (on Blood Money, they talked about eating your food, on this one he makes a comment about 'sex money and murder', which is a popular Blood set around my way); whattup with that?]
10/Blu Mar Ten "Pilgrim Soul" [new shit on Vibe'z. I love how BMT is stradling the old school way of making tracks sound, but focusing on dropping some heavier, funkier vibes than before. Solid sound for them.]


In mixtape news, there's a few heavy spitters dropping shit right now. Rizoh posted up a new Young Buck mixtape (The Clean Up Man) today, while eskay let the world know about the new Redman mixtape (Live from the Bricks) we've all been fiending for. I haven't listened to either, but I highly doubt they suck. Red and Buck are some dope MCs, and both have shit to prove with their forthcoming albums.


Monsta, a guy I knew just as making sick DNB tracks, has been making a name for himself with his drawings as of late, scoring some serious Metalheadz work, among other gigs. His Life4Land crew is always making noise, and now he has a new dubstep sampler for the masses to sink their teeth into. These appear to all be tracks he has made, I am guessing. Download the mix HERE, and peep the tracklisting:

2.crush dem
7.fat slug
8.picnic in the country
9.bad mistake
10.wife swap
11.kidnap invaders
13.crap garage



Now we know Prodigy of Mobb Deep is working on new albums, but Havoc has his own joint coming out too. A video is on YouTube showing him and his crew wildin' out to some of his joints in the studio. That first track is TOUGH! The other bits aren't for you slouch niggas either. Peep game:

Too ill. Should be dropping this summer.


For this week's final thought, and the final playlist for Black History Month, I want to still bring light to some of the struggles and situations going on in Black America. Get'cha mind right:

Public Enemy ft. Ice Cube & Big Daddy Kane "Burn Hollywood Burn"

Ice Cube "Steady Mobbin'"

Boogie Down Productions "My Philosophy"

2Pac "Trapped"

Jay-Z "Minority Report"

Juvenile "Get Ya Hustle On"

Until next time...

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