Friday, Feb. 9th 2007 playlist

Got another nice selection of cuts for you... some old, some new, some borrowed, but all dope. Let's just skip the prelims and get into it.

01/Redeyes & Mutt "Virtue" [new, soulful DNB from the Prestige Music Group. Two of the new school of DNB production's shining stars link up for some cross-Atlantic funk.]
02/Visionary "War In The World" [I only included this to big up Visionary's new label, Rock & Groove, and to crack up at him sampling some Sly & Robbie from a few years ago. I see you, Marcus!]
03/Pentagon "Summer Of '73" [from the new, Future Sound of Tokyo EP out on Hospital. Loving the organ work on this one.]
04/Icicle "So Close" [new one from the Hospital offshoot, Med School. Icicle really bringing the subfunk on this one, I'm impressed.]
05/Viral Essence "Nasty Intentions (SpeedballaOne Remix)" [I see this cat posting on DOA all the time, and I know he's a fan of rock the dub, but I had no idea he brought the DNB so nasty! Big up for the free download, and congrats on winning the Nasty Intentions Remix Comp!]
06/Marky & Bungle "13th Floor" [you know what to expect before hearing this, and you get it. Sultry vocals, BIG bass, and some deep grooves. Vibin' tune.]
07/Rufige Kru "Vanilla" [why this track sounds like J Majik's "Your Sound" is confusing to me, but I love the feeling all the same. That sound in the intro always sounds like a sunshower to me.]

01/Joulz Il "When I Get On" [you read the interview, now peep this gem off the Sign Joulz Il Vol. 1 mixtape. True school shit man, shouts to 5 Starr Fam.]
02/Young Gunz ft. Ma$e "If You Don't Give A Fuck" [I hope the Young Gunnaz don't have a new LP coming. This beat is ridic though!]
03/Sean Price "Like You" [More Jesus Price mania. Loving that Reggae-bop in it.]
04/Freeway "Transporter" [gotta love that new Freeway. Not sure when/where this one is dropping, so grab it now. Also, check out this What We Do: The Movie mixtape, hosted by Freeway (shouts to Benja Styles and The Fader for this one). I wish I could rhyme in that annoying ass voice every now and again. Peep him speaking about transporting that weight.]
05/Ghostface Killah "Wise (Remix)" [from that Mathematics compilation of Unreleased Wu Tang joints, Ghost goes in over one of his dead homies. I love that sample.]
06/Cormega ft. Styles P "Use Mad Clips" [anything with Styles on it is listed, that's my word. Speaking of which, shout out to Rizoh for linking the new Styles/Akon track.]
07/Chubb Rock "Treat 'Em Right" [gotta educate the kids, no? Classic Chubb Rock single, probably one of my favs from the fast-rap days. He used to groove and everything.]
08/Prodigy ft. BG "Y.B.E." [I can't help it, I'm waiting for HNIC2. You know you love that "One Love" rework too, right? Gotta big up the Young Black Entrepeneurs. Peep that video.]
09/Cassidy ft. Beanie Sigel & Fabolous "You Already Know" [you can't hate on their skills. I love the old school feel of this one, from the classic boom bap to the fucking back and forth Cass and Beans do. HOLLA!]
10/Keith Murray "I Got Ya" [Mr. Murray raping Lupe's "I Gotcha", which I just love. Hot beat, hot spit. End of. (he also did the same thing to "One Blood" and "Triumph")]


Did you guys check out this 50 Cent dis VIDEO that he's done against Cam'ron? I just don't get it -- the track is garbage, there's a fucking gun with pink diamonds and "50" on the grip, and these guys are in a fucking GARAGE, standing on quads? At least the Ruff Ryders would take their vehicles on the road... the talk at the end is priceless, but 50 comes off looking dumb. What good does this serve? (shouts to Rafi at OhWord for hitting me with this link)

I also heard that Cam'rom has a dis track out at 50? Someone link this to me if it's available...


If you guys are looking for some sick DNB sets, check out the DPD "For Your Listening Pleasure" post from this morning. New, solid mixes from INI, DJ Roots and Switch.


For a final thought, I watched Redman on MTV Cribs early this morning, and got a jones for his music, especially since the cover for his forthcoming LP has been leaked. For this final thought, I bring you REDMAN:

"I'll Be Dat"

"Time 4 Sum Akshun"

"Rapper's Delight (with Erick Sermon & Keith Murray)"


and finally, one of my personal favorite Redman tracks, shouts to the heads who used to ride the bus with me back when I was in middle school and got me into Redman via the Dare Iz A Darkside LP...

"Can't Wait"

Until next time...

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