LOST, Season 3: "Flashes Before Your Eyes" [recap]

What a crazy episode. I think this is the first one that frustrated me, because while I understood everything that happened, I do not get why it happened, nor do I understand how Desmond's plight plays into the whole of the island...

Like, at the end of Season 2, when Desmond turned the failsafe key and then we saw that Penelope was tracking him down, I thought "wow, this is going to turn into one of those ultimate love story things", because while Desmond might seem like a minute character to many, his actions have set things in motion. Think about it: not only has he saved the world every 108 minutes for years, but his not hitting the button that one time caused the crash of the Oceanic 815 - we believe. I truly think that his love for Penny will undoubtedly cause Penny and her team to eventually find the island. What happens then, who knows, but isn't that big enough?

Now, about this time travel thing: I am lost (no pun intended). I mean, OK, you have to look at everything that Desmond is going through as a circle (a vicious one at that). So, he turns the failsafe, and ends up in the past, with the paint all over him in his shitty loft. So, deja vu sets in and he realizes he has done all of this before. The thing is, how come no one else knows it? What about HIM is so important that he could relive his life again? Personally, I think that "butterfly effect" thing might be coming into play, or a variation of it. I think Desmond had a chance to make a change, to do things right, for whatever unknown reason, but the weight of his responsiblities to, well, THE WORLD, overpowered his love for Penny. The problem is, when he tries to change things, it disrupts the equilibrium of the world somehow. Follow me on this one: throughout the entire episode, he did what he knew he would do, from the interview to the picture on River Thames, etc. EXCEPT for the very end, when that Jimmy cat comes in to smack the bartender with the cricket bat; Desmond instructs the barkeep to duke (brother), and he ends up getting smacked... back to the island. Was this Desmond's 2nd chance to make things right in his life?

Look, in life, we're all given options, and who knows what could happen if we were to go back and try to recapture something we lost. A love, money, whatever. Was Desmond SUPPOSED to keep the ball of fate (destiny?) rolling, or was his "deja vu" really a 2nd chance to make things right with Penny, with whatever he had going on?

Or was he just knocked out from the anamoly? Who knows. I just can't disregard my thoughts on this, because he knows the future.

And he knows that Charlie is destined to die. That's the creepy part - we spent 50+ minutes dealing with Desmond's deja vu, and we end up seeing him as someone completely different: a man trying to change the future, but ultimately realizing that some things will not be undone, no matter how hard you try. And now Charlie is going to die. Some say it will happen when they try to find Jack... who knows.

Oh, and before I forget to mention it, I think this episode was a treat for nerdy "mystery" bastards like myself, who like seeing things like Widmore Industries mentioned in episodes. The amount of trivia and references to the whole LOST canon was a dope touch: from "I have a delivery for 815" (ref. to the numbers, 4, 8, 15...), to the banners during the football match (Apollo Candy Bars, Oceanic Airlines, Mr. Cluck's Chicken Shack, etc.) to the many references to the color red (Desmond's shirt, the guy's shoes, the paint on the floor in the loft, etc.), which may or may not have a thing to do with anything other than keeping me hooked. It was fodder for us to be like "OOO, DID YOU SEE THAT!?!?"... I think.

Did you guys see that promo for next week's episode? Part of it was already seen, in this LOST Moment from Dec. 13th, 2006... check it out. Do you recognize who the lady that Jack is speaking to is?

In any case, I am definitely amped to get the answers to those 3 things that we have questions on... especially after an episode that had me losing sleep.

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