Friday, April 20th 2007 playlist

Have you checked out my latest edition of the Dub Sessions, "Twenty After Four"? If not, you should... get your lighters up, take a couple of pulls and peep these cuts:

01/Perpetuum & B-Line "DC Metro" [dubplate DNB bidness. Nice straddling of the old with the new. Quality as per usual from Perps and B.]
02/Jay-Z ft. Sterling Simms "Dig A Hole" [diggin' this one for no really good reason. Swizzy on the beats of this beast.]
03/Lil' Wayne "Upgrade U Freestyle" [fuck you for laughing. The instrumental to this one fucking KNOCKS! Weezy murks it, as if you didn't already know.]
04/N.O.R.E. "Shame On U" [Nore continues to jack classic beats. This week, he airs out his recent past over ODB's "Brooklyn Zoo".]
05/DJ Jazzy Jeff ft. Big Daddy Kane "The Garden" [mellow, chilled vibes here. What a tight combo...]
06/D.Kay "Boiling Point" [from D's forthcoming Individual Soul LP. Lovely, jazzy lick right here. The entire LP is on this vibe.]
07/Signal "Chuyen" [I don't get why this hasn't been signed. Supposedly a more mixable version might be in the works? In any case, enjoy this chunky Cambodian dubstep damager.]
08/The Lox "We're Back" [they're back. And they will murder you.]
09/XRS "System Halt" [newest latest on Horizons Music. The flipside was my love for years, but this one surpassed it.]
10/Heist "Don't Hold Back" [Heist's premier release for Full Cycle, and it's a mother. Reminds me of their older styles... beautifully short intros delving into some unadulterated funk. Grab this one up, early!]


Follow the drip, follow the drip... leaktime!

*T.I. "Big Shit Poppin'" [T.I. Vs. Tip forthcoming...]
*Canadian DNB producer Illfingas has decided to stop releasing his tunes via label, and is giving 320kbps mp3s out for FREE. The first two bits, "Young Bwoy" & "Tears Like Rain", are deadly. There might be another version of "Young Bwoy" due to the vocal sounding kind of low...
*Timbaland ft. Jay-Z & Justin Timberlake "Laff At 'Em (Give It To Me Remix)" [Why?]
*The Fix "This Fire (dz's bayswate mix)" [grab this and more dz dubstep tunes AND mixes HERE.]
*Huey ft. Bow Wow & T-Pain "Pop, Lock & Drop It (Remix)" [Why?]
*Jin "Rain Rain Go Away" [in tribute to the people of Virginia Tech.]
*Just Blaze ft. Skepta, JME & Klashnekoff "110 Sessions" [UK/US fire.]


Need your DNB fix? Head on over to the DPD for today's FYLP: mixes from the likes of Knick (Evol Intent), Dankone (Prestige Music Group), Saburuko (Horizons Music Group), Atlantic Connection (Westbay Recordings), InsideInfo (GanjaTek/Terrafunk), and C.A.B.L.E. (31 Records/Timeless/The Horsemen). Holla!


The Rub *DJ Ayers, DJ Eleven & Cosmo Baker* have a load of Hip-Hop mixes being hosted over at BrooklynRadio.net. They are the History of Hip-Hop, and broken down by year. Classics... do NOT sleep.


On the video tip, I have a few diverse bits, then some 4/20 related jawns...

KJ Sawka LIVE on the 13th of April:

John Brown and his Ghetto Revival crew have a video up for "Hallelujah Holla Back":

That beat knocks. Why does the first dude rappin' look like Lord Jamar, but act like Prodigy? And why does John Brown look like a gay reggaeton producer?



Channel Live ft. KRS-One "Mad Izm"

Homer Simpson partakes of the pot:

Dave Chappelle on weed conversations:

Katt Williams' weed bit, which was included in Dub Sessions vol. 8:

On that note, I'm gonna call it a wrap. Be EZ. And enjoy yourselves.

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