LOST, Season 3: "Left Behind" [recap]

Deep episode. Sort of. I mean, OK we don't know a boatload of new island lore, but "Left Behind" did drop a few interesting character points:

*Juliet can FIGHT! Not too many people can take Kate down as quickly as she did when Kate tried to smack her with the stick (pool cue?).
*Kate really does love Jack, but my wife made a good point: as long as Sawyer (and Juliet, for that matter) are in the picture, they can never be together. Kate is torn, and while she knows *Jack is the dude for her, she wants that badboy style in her life. Normal.
*Sawyer, while he knows he is a prick and a con artist and an overall asshole, he knows what he needs to survive.
*Hurley, although he could never hold the title, has essentially been the defacto leader. Think about it.

Next on the list: the flashbacks are being handled really well. I could go on about the correlations between this episode and "The Long Con" (Sawyer's cross with Kate's mom VS. Cassidy's crosses with Kate AND Kate's mom in this one, etc.)... I just like the way its going down. Very sneaky like. And what is Kate still tempting fate for? Once I heard that my mom's didn't want to see me after I did something I figured would be the best for her, I'd be LONG GONE! I guess this is what eats her up, though, and she probably feels a certain amount of guilt over what she's done (not just to the father).

This monster business is crazy, too. The barrier was to protect the Others from the monster, even if Juliet first tried to front about what the barrier was for. I don't believe her at all when she says that they don't know what the monster is though: just like many other "Other" lies, I imagine that this is a failed experiment gone awry by either DHARMA or the Hanso Foundation (OR something they were experimenting with on the island). It backfired, and now they have this monster (which split into 3s - did you see it?) roaming the island, seemingly taking snapshots of Juliet (did you see THAT?!)... I think we are far from knowing everything, but we have someone who knows a good chunk - and I want answers!

One more thing I wanted to touch on: is Juliet really "left behind"? Remember, we knew Ben by a different name, initially, so he could infiltrate - why am I to believe that Juliet really has been left, or isn't just part of some elaborate scheme to set the castaways up for a further, deeper con (ah, the flashbacks MIGHT hold a key to wtf is going on)? She just has lied about so much, its hard to believe that a) Jack believes her from the rip and b) she is going to survive. Watching those previews of this week's episode have Sayid back in his torturer role, with that chilling line about him possibly killing her if she doesn't give up the goods... the April 5th, 2007 Official LOST podcast revealed, among other things, that this week's episode ("One of Us") is a Juliet flashback - and we might possibly learn about how she arrived on the island.

So what do you guys think is going to happen soon? Anything you want to discuss, leave a comment or get at me (khaldub@gmail.com) - if something sounds interesting, I'll bring it up in a post!

Until next time... namaste.


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