Friday, May 4th 2007 playlist

Well, ya boy finally got a job! It's a temp, call center gig, lasting 2 months (with possibility of more, depending on what might be available), so we'll see when I get these shuffles posted on Fridays. I might start doing them early, but we shall see. They won't disappear at ALL! Speaking of which, let's get right into this pre-Cinco de Mayo blastoff:

01/Aspect & Perpetuum "Ghetto Girl" [I had no idea these two could come with the ragga-influenced jams on this level. Coming out on a label I cannot plug right now... soon though. Audio up in Perpetuum's EXBC mix from March of 07...]
02/Soulmatic & Saburuko "2 Dollars More" [forthcoming freshness on Crisis. Loving this combo. Unfortunately, no audio up for this one, but it should be out on promo SOON!]
03/Push Button Objects ft. Maintain, Vast Aire & Akrobatik "Fly, Pt. 2" [from 2002, this is just a trio of sick MCs, a tricked out beat and some reggae dude on the chorus. Simple, yet effective. "I'm serious like the answer to HIV/government made? Possibly Maybe"... Vast!]
04/The Alchemist "Can't Stop ALC" [ALC flips the same beat Shaq rhymed over for "Can't Stop The Reign". I love how he takes the obvious and totally makes it better.PS: RIP Miami's 2007 playoff run!]
05/Lomax "Artisan" [I love how he freaked those classic, old school jungle basstones, into this low-key monster.]
06/Cannibal Ox "Handle That" [can you tell I was on a Vast Aire kick this week? This is from their 2004 Speakerboxxx... The Ox Below mixtape (he speaks on it HERE). The rest is kind of trash, but this is a perfect melding of their off-kilter flows and a tight yet abstract track.]
07/David Banner ft. Akon, Lil' Wayne & Snoop Dogg "9MM" [what an odd combo.]
08/Evol Intent "Dead On Arrival" [this is just a clip. Funny sample for those who frequent the DOA boards. Hopefully their LP drops soon...]
09/YoungbloodZ vs. Virgo "Chop Chop (DJ Nappy Thugstep Mix)" [you should already know about this. join the revolution.]
10/Prodigy ft. Nyce "Time To Kill" [P and Nyce go in over Damien Marley's "Road To Zion". Proper ignorance.]


These leaks didn't make it to the list, but should still be peeped:

Keith Murray "Weeble Wobble" [when is his LP dropping?]
Showbiz & AG "Business As Usual" [welcome back!]
DJ Lazy K ft. Remy Ma, Trina, Lil' Mo & Jackie O "We Takin' Over (Female Remix)" [nice flip of the current B single...]
Termanology ft. Lil' Fame "Squeeze Ya Ratchet" [Fame produced this one. It's OK, but I dunno... shoulda just got Primo to do the beat.]
M.I.A. "Hit That" [You know you gonna click it. Some calling her LP the summer jammer. Who knows. Party starter right here.]
Method Man "New York, New York" [Meth takin' it back to "that real NY street shit". Nice flute thrown in there.]
Young Jeezy ft. R. Kelly, Bun B & Jadakiss "Go Getta (Remix)" [why do I wish it was just Bun B and Jada on this?]
The Bomb Squad "Before I Let Go" [speaking of 'Kiss, here's Jada and Sheek back when they were known as "The Bomb Squad" (shouts to eskay for posting this one, Nah Right Lite STAND UP!]


If you are looking for some dubstep and electronic music trickery, check out SWAEG. They have loads of FREE licks up there. I found this EP by a dubstep artist named Toiminto called "Lost In Low Frequencies". It's sick, esp. "Tuesday Flow Dub". Check them out for this and more.


Need some DNB mixes? Hit up this week's FYLP... Fanu loves white Russians, Dan Marshall kicks a slick one for BIOS, and Bailey drops a dub-laden Intabeats on you. Do not sleep.


On the music related video tip, here are a few I found amusing:

eskay posted up some exclusive fight footage between Cam'ron & Tru Life.

Redman is hilarious. Check this video (courtesy of OnSmash) where he lets it be known that he don't need $100K spent on BET - he'd take it to the hood and do a Heineken promotion for his people. 1 Heineken and some flip flops for the people!


In terms of a Final Thought, I wanna mix it up, since Tomorrow is Cinco De Mayo, I wanna big up the Mexican-influenced Hip-Hop tracks I loved from the past, as well as Hip-Hop videos that feature boxing, due to the De La Hoya/Mayweather bout coming up as well. Let's go!

Delinquint Habits "Tres Delinquentes"

[I used to vibe off this one when I was a shorty...]

Kid Frost "Ain't No Sunshine"

Kid Frost "La Raza"

[this is just good Hip-Hop...]

Cypress Hill "How I Could Just Kill A Man"

[I feel this way all the time.]

LL Cool J "Mama Said Knock You Out"

[remember when he did this on MTV Unplugged, with the weird underarm deoderant remnants? (sorry for the terrible quality, I didn't up this...]

Canibus "Second Round KO"

[I still say he won that battle...]


Until next time... BE EASY! and save some Corona! Actually, nah, I'll take some Heineken from Red.

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