the shuffle. [5/19/07]_late/condensed

In a weekend that invovled my Nets being knocked out of the NBA Playoffs, my wife and I making a cool $1 during our yard sale, and my family enjoyng Pinot Grigio and drama at my cousin's baby shower, I unfortunately did not have the time to sit down and knock out my normal shuffle for the week ending May 19th, 2007, and I apologize. I've been kind of absent, but I will be providing the wealth of links I accumulted.

Before I do that, though, here is a list of things to expect from rock the dub and dubplate digest this week and in the near future:

  1. A leak-exclusive playlist for the 18th of May;
  2. A recap of The Sopranos' episode entitled "The Second Coming";
  3. A recap of LOST's episode entitled "Greatest Hits";
  4. My interview of DNB drummer/producer KJ Sawka;
  5. A recap of my failed yard sale;
  6. Other bits and bobs.

In any case, let's flush out this week's news:

That's the motherlode. Dissect one at a time.

Here's a final thought for that ass:

Three 6 Mafia "Tear Tha Club Up '97"

Get ready for Memorial Day, early!

Until next time...


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