Benoit Tragedy News (06/29/2007)

Another day, another dive deeper into this horrific tragedy:

  • Chris Benoit's father awaits the toxicology tests, says he did not see this side of Benoit coming
  • Bruce Hart (son of Stu Hart, brother of Bret Hart) called Benoit a "juice freak" and said he wasn't shocked by the outcome of this situation at all. He does make an interesting observation: he truly believes that steroid abuse, in combination with delusional behaviour, painkillers and failing health -- "almost all the people we started out with (who did steroids) began breaking down around 40".
  • 1Wrestling.com posted about the Wikipedia poster who said that Nancy Benoit was dead before the official word came. Based on this Wikinews page (scroll down to the "I posted the comment we are all talking about and I am here to explain that it was A HUGE COINCIDENCE and nothing more" convo), dude (possibly one of 3 college students) says it was a very slim chance and a coincidence. It sounds like dude was just being immature and ridiculous.
  • Slate asks if 'roid rage could have been the cause (Explainer stays on point).
  • Side note: Smackdown! and ECW are coming to Trenton, NJ in August. They need to fix the commercial, which shows both action shots and name checks Chris Benoit.

Anything else going on has already been covered on my blog. Question to you wrestling fans out there: will you be able to watch a Chris Benoit match now? I mean, WWE 24/7 has the "Monday Night Wars" on, showcasing old Nitro and RAW broadcasts - Benoit and Nancy are two of the primary characters in Nitro during that time. Do they stop showing that? Why or why not?

Here is the video of the infamous Nancy Grace/Bret Hart interview I spoke about yesterday:


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