The Observation Deck (23rd July 2007)

  • Alicia Keys not only has an album coming this October, but she is working with John Mayer on it. For a Hip-Hop head like myself, this might seem like "um WTF you so happy for?", but I love the work the two of them have done. Can't wait.
  • I pulled out Soul On Ice last night and I am determined on reading it. I may or may not throw up a few blog posts about it. I am not very familiar with Eldridge Cleaver in depth. I know he was a Panther, and a writer, but I know not much else. Kind of excited, I need to do more reading. I have The Invisible Man sitting somewhere, and I need to crack that badboy open as well.
  • I *might* be getting an online radio show. Watch this space.
  • Bobby Lashley did NOT win the WWE Championship at the Great American Bash. I guess that means that this week is White Boy Week over @ black rasslin'... here's post 001, featuring John Cena and his "rappin'".
  • Seeing the numbers this frickin' Harry Potter book did, it makes me wish I had a story the chilluns would love so I could cake off and live fat.
  • How the FUCK do both Ja Rule and Lil' Wayne get popped for the same charges on the same night?
  • I love how everyone is pissed off at Tim Donaghy, not realizing that the whole reason we got tipped off to his cheating was due to his possible mob ties (plus, the NBA been had knew about it - LOL). $20 says dude is going to be MIA very soon - any takers?

Sick, sad world, people.


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