The Observation Deck (24th July 2007)

  • The iPhone has been haxored. God help us. The hot part? The peeps who hacked it said to Apple "we'll sell you a plug-in"...
  • Lindsay Lohan was busted on coke possession and DUI on a suspended license. Will she be as hardbody as Paris was in the bing?
  • And the new host of The Price is Right is... Drew Carey? What a letdown.
  • I'm with the New York Press on this one: the NJ Nets are doing NOTHING this offseason. While having Kidd, Jefferson and Carter, as well as have Lawrence Frank come back as head coach is a great start, I have a feeling they won't be doing much else in terms of acquisitions, which means what, kids? ME-DI-O-CRI-TY!
  • Nintendo is killin' the competition right now. Makes sense though: I have a PS2 I watch movies on, while my daughter stays stuck to her Game Boy Advance and her GameCube, nightly.
  • Death Row STILL has unreleased 'Pac material? How wild is that...
  • This live-blogging of the Comedy Central Roast of Flavor Flav single-handedly made me want to watch this roast (premieres in August) due to one fact - KATT WILLIAMS IS HOSTING IT!
  • Gotta love how Lil' Flip is blaming his handlers for his recent credit card fraud arrest.



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