The Observation Deck (9th July 2007)

  • Are the crimes committed these days more violent than years passed, or is there just an increase in reporting disturbing crimes?
  • What is it with large sunglasses on little faced people? I'm seeing the public more than I ever do, and I notice it's the girls with the small heads wearing the glasses that make them look like they have big ass eyes.
  • I know there was controversy over Dire Straits' "Money For Nothing" lyrics ("that little faggot is a mill-ion-aire!"), but did they beef with them like the beefed with Eminem?
  • How much longer do we have to wait for a commercial Hip-Hop album that matters to be released?
  • Anyone else think it's kind of fucked up that MTV champions their Super Sweet 16 show, then essentially disses the kids they highlight by making a movie mocking their attitudes?
  • Why is Sony dropping the price of a PS3 by $100 news? Real news would be me being able to afford to play video games and talk on a nice cell phone. Instead I'm rocking my OYSTR ($20) with the free BlackJack (excuse me, Race21) game it came with. HIT ME!

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