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Friday, August 24th 2007 playlist

01/Redman "Gilla House Check" [I slept on Red Gone Wild for too long... one of my LPs of 2007. Seriously!]
02/DJ Krush "Silent Ungah (Too Much Pain)" [classic Krush sound. Can't wait for his DVD set.]
03/Calyx & Teebee ft. MC Verse "Dual Processed" [easily one of the best DNB LPs of 2007, Anatomy did my head in. Check out my review on DOA. Verse murks this one on the mic!]
04/Keyshia Cole ft. T.I. & Young Dro "Let It Go (Remix)" [big fan of this track; that beat just puts me in a zone.]
05/The Alchemist "Mr. Pitiful 2008" [not the best spitter, but it's dope to hear ALC's story and how he and cats like him get shit on for no reason.]


got leak?

Check out the latest Ninja Tune podcast, which features The Cinematic Orchestra.

Shouts to Enigmatik, finalist for the 2007 Black Weblog Awards. He posted this new mixtape from Clinton Sparks and Talib Kweli: The Get Familiar Talib Kweli Street Album. Nice teaser to Ear Drum. VOTE BGDBOOM!

This week's "For Your Listening Pleasure" features hot DNB mixes from Evol Intent, Outrage, the Lifted Podcast 006, KeM, Mayhem AND Redeyes. Don't be skurred!

In terms of this site, I've been doing a good amt. of reviews. Expect more to come next week: my review of Kia Shine's CD is coming, as well as more mixtape reviews including Conway, MiNZ and a special jammy from Elucid. More on that next week, though...

Final thought time: the iNTERNETS CELEBRITIES hit the Brooklyn Hip-Hop Festival HARD! Rafi finally uploaded "the lost tapes", which features Chubb Rock, Sean Price, Dru-Ha of Duck Down, Poison Pen and many other hilarious moments. Dallas and Rafi of the kings of that Hip-Hop vlogging. Don't believe me? Peep their resume. And check out THE LOST TAPES:

Until next time, keep it funky. Enjoy your weekend.

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Anonymous said...

'preciate ya. and good lookin' out on the joints...i missed out on a few of those.