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Friday, August 31st 2007 playlist

Wanna know what's dropping on the 28th of August? Oh Word has you covered... word from Rafi is this will be a reoccurring piece over there. Holla!

Now, onto the music:

01/The Jackson 5 "Got To Be There" [this song is so beautiful; back when MJ sang about lil' girls instead of loving lil' boys.]
02/Breakage "Clarendon" [Digital Soundboy sign some dope shit.]
03/Aspect "It's Yours (Aspect & Gremlinz VIP)" [dutty!]
04/Naphta "Enter The Shamen" [Go grab Grande Illusions while the links are still up!]
05/The Commodores "Zoom" [classic Lionel Richie.]


follow the drip...


DJ Benzi did the September 2007 URB Magazine podcast; looks like a spankin' good time!:

001. M.I.A. & Donnis "Paper Planes Remix"
002. Common & Kanye West "Start The Show"
003. Nas "It Ain't Hard To Tell (DJ Day Remix)"
004. Cassidy "My Drink & My 2Step (Cousin Cole Remix)"
005. The Beatnuts "Hit Me With That Shit"
006. Lil' Wayne "Dynamic"
007. Hieroglyphics "You Never Knew"
008. The Nonce "1985"
009. De La Soul & Mos Def "Big Brother Beat"
010. Nas "Take It In Blood"
011. O.C. "What I Represent"
012. Jungle Brothers "Brain (The Roots Remix)"
013. The Pharcyde "Y"
014. Mos Def "Travelin Man Remix"
015. INI "Fakin Jax (Pete Rock Remix)"
016. Lupe Fiasco "Outty 5000"
017. Common & Lily Allen "Drivin Me Wild"
018. Kanye West "Everything I Got"
019. Wale & Daniel Merriweather "Let's Ride"
020. Tribe Called Quest "Like This Like That"
021. Re-Up Gang "Monopoly"
022. Ludacris "I Get Money"
023. Termanology & DJ Premier "So Amazing"
024. The Cool Kids "Pump Up The Volume"
025. Slum Village "Reunion"
026. Wale & Tawiah "All I Need"
027. Donnis "Party Works"
028. Nappy Roots "RJD2 Freestyle"
029. CRS "Us Placers"


Them Sound Advice boys have a new mix out, entitled Flannel Crunk. You know what it is. Tracklisting is on a pretty picture.


This week's DPD "For Your Listening Pleasure" features new sets from the likes of Phace, Krpytic Minds & Leon Switch, Glitch & SST and a special broadcast from DJ Flight with Survival stoppin' in. Champion Sounds.


Did you guys see the MP3 player that is housed inside a cassette tape? That you can actually play in a tape player?! I don't rock SD cards, but DAMN!


I wanna take it back a taste, if you don't mind, with my final thought. Pete Rock was interviewed for HipHopDX, and spoke on how you shouldn't expect more collabs with Nas. Made me remember my fav cut off Illmatic...

Nas "The World Is Yours"

Enjoy your Labor Day weekend. Get that last bit of sun in ya face before the Fall...


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