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Friday, September 21st 2007 playlist

01/The Upbeats "Take Away Soul" [such a dope combo of sadistic bass and chilled vibes.]
02/Shyne "More Or Less" [because we never forget.]
03/50 Cent "Curtis 187" [I can't get over this one. Too dope of a track!]
04/Havoc "Get Off My Dick" [been waiting for this one for a while...]
05/Fierce & Break "Hold It Now" [gotta love grimey, simple DNB ruggedness!]


leaks, leaks and more leaks!


If you read Hip-Hop blogs (and who doesn't, these days?), you know about Noz - he has his own blog, and does work for XXL (online and in print). The link him and I have is that we both grew up in Trenton, NJ... I don't think he lives around there anymore, but I still live in the area - my mom is in North Trenton to this day! In any case, he ripped this CD he made (The World Takes: The Best of Trenton Rap, ‘86-’91), highlighting the old school Trenton Rap scene (we were more than just PRT!), with cuts from YZ, B-Nyce & DJ Cash Kev, Blvd. Mosse, Shakespeare and more! Get the full tracklisting and more info HERE.

Oh Word's Sach O has thrown up some DJ Premier productions for cats out West, and "out the Box". Dude was from Texas and made MAD coasts rock! The Oh Word review team also brings you this week's reviews of next week's albums - very insightful!


Shouts out to DJ Trackstar, who hit me with this link to a bunch of his "Boogie Bang" mixtapes... volumes 1 through 9, for free! Loads of quality tracks from artists you've heard of, as well as mad cuts from newer, more underground heads. Don't sleep - official rock the dub stamp!

Papoose already got dropped? Hear Kay Slay explain it... they seem happy, as if the "A&R hell"


This week's "For Your Listening Pleasure" features a host of sick DNB mixes from the likes of Chris.SU, Trei, Sistem, Kubik, Submerged, Kiat, DJ Phokus AND a classic recording from 2004 of DJ Flight's "Next Chapter" show with special guest Dillinja!


Dr. Dre said we ain't getting Detox until at least next year... why am I not surprised? And keeping it on producers for a moment, check out Timbaland and 'Ye working on the drums to "Stronger". I love seeing Timbaland work.


I'm sorry, but I'm a sucker for turntablists. I got the super late pass on this one, but peep DJ Sara (and DJ Ryusei) on the decks - 8 years old and 5 years old, respectively! Sara's crab scratches are ridiculous!

This video HERE gets me - just peep how happy they look before the beat drops! Check out more at the sarascratch YouTube page!

My final thought? Will my son be that ill on the decks at age 5!?

Enjoy your weekend, all.

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Trackstar the DJ said...

Those kids are RIDICULOUS. I watched practically all their videos. They are sick. Imagine how good they'll be when they are 18, 19, 20. Unreal.
Thanks for the shoutout--your new playlist looks great, I'ma cop that when I get home...