The Observation Deck (21st Sept. 2007)

Who is this buckwild nigga rollin' with Vanessa?
  • Vanessa Hudgens is embracing her nude-pic scandal; she's planning on doing a spread for some lucky men's mag. That's all well and good, but babygirl, you're not THAT fly. And how is Disney going to feel about this come High School Musical 3 time? They HAVE been noticeably mum on this... but then again, wasn't Lindsay Lohan in the last Herbie movie?
  • 50 Cent: Jax, the owner of has concocted a way to get his name out there, riding your coattails: he says he will cop 250K discs of Curtis, on one condition: you wear a t-shirt for 1 year. At all times. Nice one, Jax! You got your name out in the media!
  • You ever tried to download an album, only to find fucked up copies of the MP3s, all glitchy and what-not? That's the man forcing "decoys" out there. Idolator has the scoop.
  • What's really good with this Oscar de la Hoya fishnet photo fiasco? Oscar says it ain't him, but a Photoshopped thing... I dunno. I hope its not him, I hope he didn't go out like that.

Craziness out there.


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