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The Observation Deck (28th Sept. 2007)

Fuck you, Rod Thorn.

  • This just in: my New Jersey Nets are no longer contenders! Rod Thorn, you sniveling prick - do not come out of your face talking about "oh, most people don't think the Nets are favorites this year". In an offseason where the Celtics picked up niggas like Kevin fucking Garnett, you are going to come with that? You've made no significant moves in a heartbeat (and no, Vince Carter is NOT a significant move), due mainly to your team moving to Brooklyn in the distant future, or so it seems. Jason Kidd has no help, Richard Jefferson has no balls, and Jason Collins needs some lotion on his lips. And you, Mr. Thorn, need a wakeup call.
  • Afrika Bambaattaa and the Beastie Boys have been nominated for induction into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. How sick is THAT!
  • The trial for Angel Hernandez, the accused muderer of Jeri Lynn Dotson, is about to end soon, and it is making me realize how retarded this "stop snitching" bullshit is in the hood. Jeri Lynn got killed b/c she was a witness to some Latin Kings roughing up an associate who they later left for dead in a dumpster. They were shook that she would snitch on them. Fast forward - they all get caught, and are all sitting in jail. What happens? They turn state's evidence! I read in the paper yesterday, and x amount of Kings are squealing on the witness stand! I commend them, but why did 'Nena' have to die, when you guys were as big of a snitch as you thought she would be?!?
  • The boxing world needed a pick-me-up after Oscar de la Hoya posed in a fishnet-bodysuit, so they stripped Oleg Maskaev of the belt he's held for 10 months... and didn't defend.

Is there anything else I'm missing? Let me know!


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Anonymous said...

I agree. Rod Thorn needs a damn clue. Maybe if the Nets could get a good big man, they might be able to go somewhere. That dumbass!