The Observation Deck (7th Sept. 2007)

Keep your clothes on, shawty.
  • Star of High School Musical and Neutrogena spokeschick Vanessa Hudgens didn't have the nude pix she took (for her boyfriend?) in a safe place, and they ended up being leaked (NSFW: view the one that's out so far HERE). For those who think its a fake - her reps have gone to and reported that yes, it's her. Wild. I guess her Disney contract is in limbo now, and the Spanish Cheetah Girl is going to replace her. Wild.
  • Jerry Lewis used the word faggot during his annual telethon and made a raised a record total of $63.7 million. Word to the wise: use more gay slurs.
  • Britney Spears is going to be opening for the VMAs this year. Y'all call homegirl a trainwreck, I say she's gonna blow the roof off that bitch. I'm not her biggest fan (although I do think, when she's on point, she's a dime), but homegirl is fierce on the stage.
  • Curb Your Enthusiam is back this Sunday, and it's getting dope reviews. Don't tell me what happens, but I can't wait.
  • NBC and Apple got into a fight over selling their TV shows, so they are moving on to Is Amazon set to be the iTunes killer?

Alright, let me get my black ass in gear for the weekend. Oh wait, I'm working this weekend. Oh to be rich!


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