Traffic's Up

So the traffic coming into rock the dub has doubled in the last week. Was it due to my reviews of the new Kanye West and 50 Cent albums? Somewhat...

The bulk of the traffic comes from this post, and is likely from pervs who are trying to peep that Vanessa Hudgens in the buff.

Should I be happy that more pre-verts are driving up my site stats? Hopefully they like Hip-Hop, and continue to stick around. But rock the dub is NOT a blog that's devoted to bringing you skin pix and celeb scandals 24/7. If something interests me, so be it, but I am not a blog that will continue to peddle smut-tacular pics to you pedos.

Thanks for stopping by, though! I love reading my daily stats and seeing a 50% increase in visits!


Anonymous said...

Congrats on your success. One thing tho, if your traffic doubles, that's a 100% increase.

khal said...

lol true - the success was short lived i think. its back down.

oh well. that's how it rolls!