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Friday, October 12th 2007 playlist

Sad to say, no top 5 from ya boy this week. Too many leaks. That new Jay-Z joint = certified bananas!

mad leaks:


There's a couple of bloggers out there compiling music for you cats:

Enigmatik over at BGDB has the first volume of his iBoom series up. It features new Jay-Z, some UGK, Clipse, Sean Price, The ARE and others!

Noz over at Cocaine Blunts re-upped his Bounce For Relief mixtape/CD of classic New Orleans Bounce Hip-Hop tracks. So vintage, so dope.


Want that DNB? Some heat over at DPD. This week's FYLP features choice selections from Mayhem, High Contrast (his recent Essential Mix), ASC, a Planet Funk podcast featuring Mace & Wayz, the October 4th 2007 Therapy Sessions (featuring mixes from Dylan, Robyn Chaos, Bailey and others), a live recording of a slammin' Futurebound mix with MC S.A.S. and an exclusive DOA mix from DJ Empress. Flames.


I'm talking to my boy Che Grand, and figured I should drop a video on the man who is doing his thing on the album level come Early 2008 (Feb./March); here's dude in the studio with Von Pea, Spec Boogie, Suburb and Filthy recording their track "Trainspottin'", which is a beautiful cut off of his Official Bootleg Import EP. In any case, let the fun begin!:


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Trackstar the DJ said...

i thought i stayed up on shit...
but i'm missing good FEW of these...
good shit khal...