The Observation Deck (4th Oct. 2007)

They act as if this nigga never played ball...

  • The Atlanta Falcons are trying to get a refund on the $22 Million bonus they gave Michael Vick because, get this, if they knew he was invovled in illegal dogfighting, they wouldn't have signed him. Huh? Oh wait, do you hear that sound? It's the bullshit alarm going off...
  • Beanie Sigel is auditioning to play Biggie? Beans is a big dude but he gonna need a fat suit, right? At least we'd have a real rhymer... let's just hope the filmmakers never saw State Property!
  • E has a couple of stores detailing the beatings/brutalizing/murderous actions some Americans take towards others. Senseless...
  • If you haven't gotten a colonoscopy yet, good news: they might make x-ray colonoscopies a thing of the near future.
  • Episode #53 features an interview with old school legend Milk Dee. Don't sleep.
  • OhWord be hatin' on New Jack Swing, and I do, too!
  • You gotta love how the Wu became the first cats to clear a Beatles sample... then they weren't. The Beatles were still kind enough to gank them for crazy loot as if it WERE a full fledged sample, though.
  • The ethics case against Herman Thomas (AKA the court judge who used to spank niggas) was dropped.
  • Apple swears it's not making your iPhone an expensive brick to exact revenge, but I guess you can't stop the determination of hackers.

I'm tired. Someone else man the post, I'm hitting the snooze...


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