The Observation Deck (14th Nov. 2007)

  • For all of you Kim Kardashian fans out there, there seems to be a rapidshare link with .ZIP file of her recent Playboy spread (no pun intended) floating about (spotted at Hip-Hop Is Read). I'm not a huge fan but hey, gotta spread (again, no pun intended) the wealth... in a semi-related story, is it true that curvier women are more intelligent?
  • The word around the 'Net is that Dr. Donda West died due to complications brought on by a recent breast reduction/tummy tuck procedure. Her original doctor advised her not to get the procedures done, and she ended up going to this doctor that TMZ is currently throwing under the bus.
  • Dime has a pics and an article from the recent Charles Barkley visit to Philly's Sneakerville, promoting his Barkley Air Force 1 Pack (which, from the pics, is the butters).
  • While I think it's deep that the courts in Princeton, NJ, are trying to murder a dog for protecting its owner, I am still trying to figure out why people are so quick to protest for a fucking dog, and yet not bat an eye at the many people who are on Death Row. Sideways thinkin'.
  • Philly niggas are steady shootin' at cops: my Jeopardy viewing was shortened due to a manhunt for two guys who shot the po-po during the issuing of a warrant. They pulled out the entire precinct, or so it seemed, to find these guys who were in a building... but seem to not give this much attention to the many other shootings, whether gang-related or otherwise. I don't get it.
  • For those wondering, T.I. ain't dead.
  • The media just can't get enough: since Lindsay Lohan is on the good side of drug addiction, they feel they HAVE to run stories about her "addiction to shopping". Please, let the girl spend her money (in fucking UTAH) and live in peace.
  • Marvel Comics Online is coming, but you gotta pay.
  • Hey Dallas, the last thing your Knicks needs is problems with Stephon Marbury!
  • The U.S. Sentencing Commission is possibly going to be releasing 19,500 crack offenders from prison? The block(s) are about to get dumb hot, but at least some babies will have their fathers home.
  • Damn shame: four transplant recipients have contracted HIV... too deep. Bill Gates just gave $50M to fund HIV research in China - can he find out how this slip-up happened?

Cold, cold world.


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Dallas Penn said...

I have just sent the hounds out to get you.

My Knicks will rise again.