The Observation Deck (16th Nov. 2007)

Who you callin' a ho, fat man?

  • Out in Australia, Santa is FORBID from saying his trademark "Ho Ho Ho" (they want homey to say "Ha Ha Ha"), because they think the little 6 year old girls are going to think Santa is poppin' shit. What? Are you serious? I'd be more concerned with wondering WHY shorty knew what the fuck a "ho" was, as opposed to Santa trying to spread a likkle cheer...
  • Tim Burton is doing a 3D-remake of Alice In Wonderland, for Disney!?
  • Alex Rodriguez ran back to the Yankess, after getting one offer, and is still set to make crazy bank, including some incentives for breaking Barry Bonds' home-run record. I hope he breaks it, but that's kind of wild. Don't be surprised if A-Rod fires his agent...
  • 50 Cent questions why Britney can say "bitch" and he cannot. He also asks why his track "I'll Still Kill" has to be released on MTV and such as "I'll Still Will". Nigga does have a point, but I mean shit isn't going to change. Hip-Hop will stay on trial, and will still be raped for as much money as the industry can milk from it. Speaking of 50, this chick got paid a nice settlement for NOT having sex with 50.
  • Not saying I'd want any of MY students being taught by "Sister Jessica", but how crazy would it be to hear your sub say shit like "don't call me 'Miss': mister means slave master", "Burger King should be called Murder King" or that there's rat poison in the toothpaste. I'd like to smoke whatever made her think that shit could fly in a 5th Grade class...
  • I feel for the mother in Russia who gave birth to 17lb. Nadia.

Get your weekend on, folks!


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