The Observation Deck (23rd Nov. 2007)

Did you survive Black Friday?

  • William Shatner is pissed that he is not in the forthcoming Star Trek movie, like anyone wants to see his old ass. The majority of the movie is taken from the point of view of the crew when they were younger, though, right? I guess he is just hating b/c Spock is in the joint, though. Old ass.
  • The Romantics are suing Activision for covering their song too well for Guitar Hero. Activision got permission to create a cover of "What I Like About You", but their cover was done so well that it is "virtually indistinguishable from the authentic version", which is kind of like being pissed that a kid at a piano recital played his concerto perfectly. Shit to get their old-ass name in the news, that's all.
  • Marion Jones got her track-running ass banned for two years for using the cream (or is it the clear?); I wonder what Barry Bonds' fate is...
  • This nigga needs to go back to purse-snatching school: how the FUCK are you snatching purses, and ripping fingers off of people's hands? What kind of snatcher does a drive-by snatching anyways? License plates, dumb-ass!

I need some ends...


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