The Observation Deck (2nd Nov. 2007)

  • Dog the Bounty Hunter calls his son's girlfriend a nigger, on a private phone call that the National Enquirer got a copy of. Everyone is crying foul/fail, as if niggas really give a fuck about Dog the Bounty Hunter; A&E was smart enough to suspend that dude, early.
  • Martina Hingis retired recently, under suspicion of cocaine abuse. The funny this is a statement she made about cocaine causing a euphoric state, and that she didn't think she'd be playing tennis in that state - but on the day she tested positive, she lost a match!
  • It's official: Don Imus is back on the radiowaves come December 3rd. You gotta love how this prick can be allowed back on the radio, but people threaten to sue Nas over calling his album Nigger. Sick, sad world. Maybe Nas should call his shit Cracker or Honky, and it would be no problem.
  • Do we really need a new Knight Rider TV-movie and/or remake?
  • The iPhone has been named "Invention Of The Year" by Time. What's so innovative about it, exactly? There's been PDAs and touch-screen tech out there...
  • Barry Bonds says that if they put an asterisk on his homerun streak-breaking ball, he will boycott any Hall of Fame induction. That's a great stance, but it's kind of jinxing himself, because I doubt Cooperstown gives a shit, and is probably more likely to just outright snub Bonds on induction.
  • You gotta love how Joe Torre chunked the deuce to the Yankees, and on the same day they got their new manager, he announced being signed to the Dodgers.

Ice cold out there.


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