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Friday, December 28th 2007 playlist

Last playlist of 2K7. Too busy last night to come up with some "best of", and that's not really my thing. So I'mma just keep it how I always do: hit you with the leaks, and hit you with the joints I been rockin' to. Even got some mixtapes for you nakkas. Holla.

01/Talib Kweli ft. Styles P "Real Recognize Real" [when these two get together, ill things happen.]
02/Ekaj "Interpol" [part of a 4-pack of FREE dubstep tunes found HERE]
03/Super Barrio Bros. "Game Over" [this CD is the shit - or am I just a sucker for Hip-Hop tracks that sample NES-era video game sounds?]
04/The Roots "The Battle (Skribbles Vs. Rahzel)" [classic turntable vs. beatbox battle. Do not listen without a Kangol bucket hat, some shelltoes and a handful of fat caps.]
05/Statik Selektah ft. Big Shug "Punch Out" [maybe I'm a sucker...]


grab ya buckets...


Little Brother's Phonte has been posting up alternate versions of their recent CD, Getback. Here's the first batch (shouts out to Enigmatik for keeping up with these):

There's like 7 more of these I believe. Hit up Little Brother's MySpace blog for more info on each of these.


Also, here's a few mixtapes you need to check out:


For my last final thought for 2007, it is only right that it's Pimp C related.

T.I. ft. UGK "Front Back"

RIP Pimp C. Have a safe, happy holiday weekend, y'all. I'll drop a few more posts before 2K7 is complete, balee dat!


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