The Observation Deck (10th Dec. 2007)

expect to see more of this in the coming year...

  • The Supreme Court has ruled 7-2 in favor of reducing crack offense sentences. I'm telling you, the blocks are about to get dumb hot.
  • Michael Vick has been sentenced to 23 months for funding the fighting of dogs. With good behavior, my guess is he'll be out in half that time.
  • Imeem has lucked out and is inking a deal with Universal Music to allow users to listen to UMG artists' music for free.
  • Over at HYSMD, we recently covered Jamaal Tinsley's recent late-night gun battle in Indy. What a moron.
  • The details for Pimp C's funeral are up at XXL.
  • Shouts out to this nun who had the balls to ban a list of words, and just to get her point across, read the ENTIRE list, curse words and all, to the kids.
  • Venezuela has it's own time zone. They set their clocks back a whole 30 minutes, in some shit that just sounds like "yo we gonna do this because we can".
  • Tonight's the big three-hour WWE Raw 15th Anniversary show. Tune in to see which stars will be poppin' in (Hulk Hogan and Steve Austin will be there, and I even heard a rumor that 2 Cold Scorpio will be in the house).

Put that in your crack pipe and geek out.


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