The Observation Deck (18th Dec. 2007)

  • Debra LaFave, AKA the fly-ass substitute hotbody substitute teacher who got arrested 3 years back for fucking a 14 year old boy (I WISH I had a sub like that!), just got thrown back in jail on a parole violation. Word is she was conversating with a 17 year old (female) employee. What kind of violation is THAT? They are pissed that the 17 year old's name got released to the public, and the convos were both professional and harmless. Maybe some C.O.'s figured they could get a bit of Debra's ass...
  • What's really good with Michael Jackson's face?
  • Word is that the mullet-rockin' Denise of Survivor: China bent the truth a bit; during the show, she said she was a lunch lady and on the reunion show, she said she got fired as a lunch lady and was made a custodian, b/c of the kids backing up the lines due to her celebrity. The school is saying that homegirl was made a full-time custodian (a promotion she asked for) BEFORE she left, and returned to the same position. What's at stake? Try 100K Mark Burnett fronted to her due to her sob-story LIVE on CBS this past Sunday.
  • Anchorwomen are more hardbody than rap chicks: Alycia Lane, the Philly anchorwoman for CBS who sent Rich Eisen bikini shots earlier this year, called a cop a dyke bitch, punched her and has now been arrested. What's more realer than that?
  • New Jersey has banned the death penalty, and commuted 8 death row inmate to life sentences; that list includes the faggot who's case was the straw that created "Megan's Law". I'm torn - while I think its wack that we've got this death penalty, but don't use it... the fuckers who got life in prison need to be hanged.
  • This indie movie about The Juice Crew should be interesting: David Banner as Biz Markie? Evan Ross as MC Shan!?!? I want to see it, but I can't help be smirk over some of those choices...

Let me get some work done.


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