The Observation Deck (27th Dec. 2007)

  • Here's a couple of white female celebs and their drinking (or not drinking) news: Mischa Barton ended up getting busted for DUI (among other things), and took one of the ugliest, alien-looking mugshots as of late. On the flipside, Lindsay Lohan says she was not drinking during her current trial. Does it really matter - she was probably skiied up.
  • Imagine the shock and horror on the conservative parent's faces when their daughter popped in her Disney Channel Hits CD for Christmas and out comes Dipset's "I Love You"! Probably a shitload of cussing went on in that living room.
  • Raz B has recanted his claims that Chris Stokes sexually abused him. He went from looking like a fragile bitch to a lying ass faggot bitch. His career? Done.
  • Barron Hilton, apparently upset at how Paris has sullied the family name, is planning on giving up something like 97% of his worth ($2.3 billion) to charity, leaving Paris and others with like $5 million a piece. Now, I ask you, Paris, was all that cock-sucking, no-panties wearing, "that's hot" professing bullshit necessary? It's going to be in the courts until my son dies, but that fam is going to take that will to task in the courts.
  • MTV ponders who will fill Jay-Z's seat as President of Def Jam. I think it would likely by Jermaine Dupri, but who knows.
  • RIP Benazir Bhutto.
  • Did you guys even know that MSG had ANOTHER sexual harassment suit going on right now? Word is they just settled with an ex-Rangers cheerleader, who says they plied underage cheerleaders with alcohol and made them stuff their bras, among other nonsense.
  • 20th Century Fox films will soon be up for rental via iTunes, based on a deal that Fox & Apple recently struck. In other Web 2.0 deals, Warner is linking with Amazon MP3 to sell their catalogue. Ah to have a service that would generate those kinds of dollars.

I don't normally do Ob Desks one after the other, but a bunch of news just hit at the same time.


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